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Before investing in real estate, it's good to have a plan of attack—and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics, as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs and corporations. For more information on how to formulate a well working business plan, you can visit the business plan section of our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing.

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Residential assisted living business plan
Diane Calderaro Last post by Diane Calderaro, 12 days ago
Diane Calderaro Diane Calderaro 10 12 days Jump to last post
Moving a property into a DST
Simon Hernandez Last post by Simon Hernandez, 13 days ago
Simon Hernandez Simon Hernandez 0 13 days Jump to last post
The McDonald's Model
Sean Morrison Last post by Sean Morrison, 13 days ago
Sean Morrison Sean Morrison 5 13 days Jump to last post
Bay Area Probate List - HELP
Mark Pedroza Last post by Mark Pedroza, 14 days ago
Mark Pedroza Mark Pedroza 1 14 days Jump to last post
Getting loans with an LLC--is it still possible
Amar Woods Last post by Amar Woods, 14 days ago
Amar Woods Amar Woods 24 14 days Jump to last post
How many LinkedIn profiles?
Joseph Firmin Last post by Joseph Firmin, 15 days ago
Joseph Firmin Joseph Firmin 1 15 days Jump to last post
How much do you pay yourself?
Adam Bush Last post by Adam Bush, 15 days ago
Adam Bush Adam Bush 4 15 days Jump to last post
Profit First: Has anyone read or utilized strategies?
Ralph Chiaia Last post by Ralph Chiaia, 16 days ago
Ralph Chiaia Ralph Chiaia 1 16 days Jump to last post
Marketing Agency Assistance with Podcasts
Nikolaus Hagedorn Last post by Nikolaus Hagedorn, 16 days ago
Nikolaus Hagedorn Nikolaus Hagedorn 0 16 days Jump to last post
LLC or S-Corp for Vacation Rental Property in MA
Chenoa Mackenzie Last post by Chenoa Mackenzie, 16 days ago
Chenoa Mackenzie Chenoa Mackenzie 2 16 days Jump to last post
Helping Brother start a construction company
Dylan Mejo Last post by Dylan Mejo, 16 days ago
Dylan Mejo Dylan Mejo 9 16 days Jump to last post
Which Project Management Software do you use?
John Warren Last post by John Warren, 17 days ago
John Warren John Warren 1 17 days Jump to last post
Do you include or exclude taxes?
Basit Siddiqi Last post by Basit Siddiqi, 17 days ago
Basit Siddiqi Basit Siddiqi 3 17 days Jump to last post
Day job while trying to get start
Jordan Moorhead Last post by Jordan Moorhead, 18 days ago
Jordan Moorhead Jordan Moorhead 5 18 days Jump to last post
Looking to Start Accountability Group
Benjamin Nwankwo Last post by Benjamin Nwankwo, 21 days ago
Benjamin Nwankwo Benjamin Nwankwo 53 21 days Jump to last post
Building developers in Philly
Chandra Reid Last post by Chandra Reid, 21 days ago
Chandra Reid Chandra Reid 0 21 days Jump to last post
Building Your Franchise
Chris Martin Last post by Chris Martin, almost 6 years ago
Lindsey Lu Lindsey Lu 3 21 days Jump to last post
Turning a property into an assisted living home.
Darryl Colletti Last post by Darryl Colletti, 22 days ago
Darryl Colletti Darryl Colletti 36 22 days Jump to last post
Business Structure for Flipping Group
Julian Jurkoic Last post by Julian Jurkoic, 23 days ago
Julian Jurkoic Julian Jurkoic 1 23 days Jump to last post
How do I find investors to purchase a ATV park?
Aaron K. Last post by Aaron K., 23 days ago
Aaron K. Aaron K. 1 23 days Jump to last post
Real estate market in Ohio
Tom Ott Last post by Tom Ott, 23 days ago
Tom Ott Tom Ott 2 23 days Jump to last post
Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program
Fernanda Netto Last post by Fernanda Netto, 25 days ago
Fernanda Netto Fernanda Netto 3 25 days Jump to last post
Property maintenance for 29 units
Nick Koukidis Last post by Nick Koukidis, 25 days ago
Nick Koukidis Nick Koukidis 2 25 days Jump to last post
The beginning to get in real estate ?
Ivan Calais Coelho Last post by Ivan Calais Coelho, 26 days ago
Ivan Calais Coelho Ivan Calais Coelho 4 26 days Jump to last post
CRM Systems recommendations
Sahar Abbas Butkovsky Last post by Sahar Abbas Butkovsky, 27 days ago
Sahar Abbas Butkovsky Sahar Abbas Butkovsky 0 27 days Jump to last post

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