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Before investing in real estate, it's good to have a plan of attack—and even better to have a business plan. This forum is for discussing these topics, as well as the business structures that are best for making these plans work. i.e. LLCs and corporations. For more information on how to formulate a well working business plan, you can visit the business plan section of our Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing.

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Timeblocking/ Creating time
Cameron Marlon Susman Last post by Cameron Marlon Susman, 10 days ago
Cameron Marlon Susman Cameron Marlon Susman 8 10 days Jump to last post
Recently formed LLC looking for advice on acquiring properties...
Patricio Quezada Last post by Patricio Quezada, 10 days ago
Patricio Quezada Patricio Quezada 2 10 days Jump to last post
Staying Under The Radar
Ryan Seib Last post by Ryan Seib, 10 days ago
Ryan Seib Ryan Seib 7 10 days Jump to last post
Investor Friendly CPA in Denver Area
Grant Tallmadge Last post by Grant Tallmadge, 11 days ago
Grant Tallmadge Grant Tallmadge 8 11 days Jump to last post
Assisted Living Facility
Frank Lin Last post by Frank Lin, 11 days ago
Frank Lin Frank Lin 10 11 days Jump to last post
selling rental units in LLC
Cos Spagnoletti Last post by Cos Spagnoletti, 11 days ago
Cos Spagnoletti Cos Spagnoletti 2 11 days Jump to last post
General Liability Insurance for House-flipping LLC
Ben Guttman Last post by Ben Guttman, 11 days ago
Ben Guttman Ben Guttman 8 11 days Jump to last post
Buy property in LLC, Trust, or buy in own name in OKC area?
Alyssa Dyer Last post by Alyssa Dyer, 13 days ago
Alyssa Dyer Alyssa Dyer 4 13 days Jump to last post
Partner wants to move into rental after renovation
Mitch Messer Last post by Mitch Messer, 13 days ago
Mitch Messer Mitch Messer 6 13 days Jump to last post
Business Entity for a Married Couple?
Alex Hoang Last post by Alex Hoang, 15 days ago
Alex Hoang Alex Hoang 0 15 days Jump to last post
Real estate investing in other states
Scott Smith Last post by Scott Smith, 15 days ago
Scott Smith Scott Smith 4 15 days Jump to last post
Real estate investor friendly Lawyer
Rashid Bailey Last post by Rashid Bailey, 15 days ago
Rashid Bailey Rashid Bailey 0 15 days Jump to last post
Are there numerous ways to determine the MAO ?
Ismael Mathurin Last post by Ismael Mathurin, 16 days ago
Ismael Mathurin Ismael Mathurin 2 16 days Jump to last post
Five years to Financial Freedom. Beginning 2017
Christopher Foster Last post by Christopher Foster, 17 days ago
Christopher Foster Christopher Foster 6 17 days Jump to last post
Looking to Start Accountability Group
Dean Carter Last post by Dean Carter, 18 days ago
Dean Carter Dean Carter 7 18 days Jump to last post
Anyone here a loan signing agent?
Robert Goldman Last post by Robert Goldman, 19 days ago
Robert Goldman Robert Goldman 1 19 days Jump to last post
Help build my pitch to private investors.
Bevla Reeves Last post by Bevla Reeves, 19 days ago
Bevla Reeves Bevla Reeves 1 19 days Jump to last post
Advice on how others structure deals with Partners / Investors
Mike Lane Last post by Mike Lane, 20 days ago
Mike Lane Mike Lane 0 20 days Jump to last post
Review My Property Portfolio for Lenders
Caleb Heimsoth Last post by Caleb Heimsoth, 20 days ago
Caleb Heimsoth Caleb Heimsoth 19 20 days Jump to last post
CA LLC Gross Receipts vs S Corporation
Salvador Carlton Last post by Salvador Carlton, 21 days ago
Salvador Carlton Salvador Carlton 2 21 days Jump to last post
LLC partnership equity and compensation structure
Alex Jones Last post by Alex Jones, 23 days ago
Alex Jones Alex Jones 0 23 days Jump to last post
Structuring Business Accounts- Best Practices
Cassidy Burns Last post by Cassidy Burns, 24 days ago
Cassidy Burns Cassidy Burns 0 24 days Jump to last post
I need mentorship but hesitant to pay guru.
Julie Dillon Last post by Julie Dillon, 24 days ago
Julie Dillon Julie Dillon 20 24 days Jump to last post
Legal Entity for RE development
John Corey Last post by John Corey, 24 days ago
John Corey John Corey 2 24 days Jump to last post
Issues with homeowners insurance when transferring title to LLC?
Justin Sloan Last post by Justin Sloan, 24 days ago
Justin Sloan Justin Sloan 9 24 days Jump to last post

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