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Real Estate Wholesaling Calculator

Watch this video as Brandon shows you how to analyze property with the BiggerPockets Wholesaling Calculator

  • Determine your maximum allowable offer
  • Includes TWO different versions - to sell to a house flipper cash buyer or a rental property cash buyer.
  • Create printable PDFs to show lenders or partners
  • Start from the end and work backwards
  • Estimate cash flow or profit for your cash buyer

*only Pro or Premium members can generate PDF reports

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Walk through all the numbers, step by step, including a detailed walkthrough of the rehab costs - one of the most difficult jobs of the wholesaler - to make sure your numbers are accurate. The more accurate your numbers are, the greater your chance of unloading the deal to a cash buyer and making a profit!

Most cash buyers don't like wholesalers because they bring bad deals. Stand out from the competition by knowing all the numbers and ensure that your deal is actually a deal that a cash buyer will pay you well for and help strength your reputation as a wholesaler.

After doing the calculations, print out PDF reports that highlight the strengths of your deal, including the number breakdown, photos of the property, graphs, charts, and more! Use this to give to potential lenders, partners, or cash buyers.

What Users are Saying

Anson Young Photo
"The professional layout and easy to understand numbers will help new wholesalers look more credible to their end buyers. Plugging in appropriate numbers such as detailed fix costs, and expanded holding costs will show an end buyer that the investor has truly done their homework on the property. Experienced investors will enjoy having a standard layout and format for their deals, something easy to forward their buyers list. I've used this and tested it (and tried to break it) and its been an amazing tool to add to my business. Having an output for me, the wholesaler, and an output for the end buyer is invaluable, BiggerPockets really went above and beyond with this tool! Great work!"
Jason Scott Photo
"As a serious rehabber who has purchased hundreds of deals (many from wholesalers), I know what information is important for wholesalers to consider and convey to their end-buyers. This calculator captures not just the bottom line financials, but the details that factor into the bottom line. If a wholesaler were to provide me this type of report as part of a potential deal, I'd have all the information I needed at my fingertips to make a determination of whether the deal fit my criteria and whether I should move forward on my personal due diligence."