The Real Estate Rookie Podcast

New to real estate investing and not sure where to get started? Join Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson every Wednesday and Saturday as they break down the basics with real-world deal analysis, investor interviews, and listener Q&A. Tune into the BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast to learn about real estate investing for beginners and get inspired by newbies who are making it happen.

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The Hosts

Once beginners themselves, the Rookie Podcasts hosts break down the most important real estate investing tips for newbies.

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Ashley Kehr

Ashley purchased her first rental property in 2014 and since then has grown her buy and hold portfolio to over 30 units. She has experience in residential and commercial properties and credits much of her success to the use of partners on several real estate deals and creative financing. Currently, Ashley outsources property management and spends her time educating new investors and finding deals to BRRRR.

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Tony J. Robinson

Tony started his investment career by purchasing single-family homes as long-term rentals until he found the tremendous opportunity that short-term rentals provide. Since then, Tony has focused 100% of his efforts on growing his short-term rental business. Tony’s expertise is in building systems and creating the automation needed to effectively manage multiple short-term rentals at once.


Complete This Checklist Before You Invest in Real Estate

Are you unsure whether to get into real estate? Or even how you can get into real estate considering your current financial position? We’ve created this Rental Property Investing Readiness List to help clarify your position and ability to invest!

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