The Quick Start Guide to Rookie Readiness

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Are you unsure whether to get into real estate? Or even how you can get into real estate considering your current financial position? We’ve created this Rental Property Investing Readiness List to help clarify your position and ability to invest!

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Great Reading and recommendations. Now I need to look up some terminology and start to understand them better. Thank you for the write.

Richard DeLaO | 5 months ago  

Love BP

Steve Mcmahel | 6 months ago  

Oh boy! We will do that! I also advise printing just the last page with the checklist!

Scott Trench | 7 months ago  

Nice resource with valuable info! You might consider offering printer-friendly versions so ink isn't wasted on printing giant pictures. It uses up a ton of ink!

Josephine Bolden | 7 months ago