The Money Podcast

Personal finance is personal – some want to get out of debt, others strive for financial freedom, and many simply want to be in a comfortable financial position.  Join Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen every Monday and Friday as they break down the good, bad, and ugly of people’s personal money stories. From interviews with entrepreneurs and business owners, to breakdowns of listener finances, you’ll get actionable advice for how to get out of debt and grow your money. Tune into the BiggerPockets Money podcast to kickstart your personal finance journey.

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The Hosts

Look to BiggerPockets’ resident personal finance experts to help you reach your financial goals, now matter what they are.


Mindy Jensen

Mindy Jensen has been buying and selling homes for more than twenty years. She currently works at BiggerPockets, helping new and experienced investors learn the best real estate investing techniques to build wealth. Mindy is currently on her ninth live-in flip, a licensed real estate agent and author of First-Time Homebuyer and How to Sell Your Home.


Scott Trench

Scott Trench is CEO of BiggerPockets, a real estate investor, real estate broker, and bestselling author of Set for Life. Through a solid understanding of money management, calculated risks, and a lot of hard work, Scott created financial freedom for himself, as well as a successful real estate business, in just three years after graduating college.

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