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  • Is investing in Frayser (Memphis) TN a good or bad strategy?
    Replied September 17, 2018
    @Cory Jones I have experience in the Memphis rental market, from back when I was living there with my parents.  I was the chaser at that time of the tenants.  LOL.  I am disappo... See more
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  • Memphis Invest - Turn Key investing
    Replied September 14, 2018
    @Ilan Friedman  Memphis Invest is a very establish company that has been around for years now.  I have not heard of Morris Invest until this post.  But they are not the only com... See more
    Reply 4 replies
  • Investing in Memphis
    Replied September 14, 2018
    @Darlington Agu  I would be careful on buying in Memphis.  I am from Memphis and love the city.  I also wholesale properties there still, but one of my investors is pulling out ... See more
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Well, first of all I have to admit that I had to figure out how to get back here to write another Blog.  I am still not sure if I know how to get back here to write another one later this week for ...

Member Blog Reflections on this year thus far up to May

What have discovered that it has taken me two months to recover from the project that I undertook that ended in March.  I had one closing this month that I had a gross income a little over $1,700 f...

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It is interesting that it has taken two months to get back on track from taking on the project earlier this year the first 3 months of this year.  For this month I had 3 closings all in the first 1...