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  • Self directed 401k questions. PLEASE HELP!!
    Started January 30, 2018
    Hello everyone,I have a question that been bothering me for quite some time. I’m hoping some of you with more experience can help spread some light on the situation. I’ll try ... See more
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  • New member/investor from Los Angeles
    Replied April 18, 2017
    Hello @Rick Martin!Local Indianapolis investor here, PM me if you are looking for a boots on the ground partner with extensive property management experience (with my own duplex... See more
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  • What to except in the 30K - 60K price range
    Replied April 14, 2017
    I guess I see where all of the Indianapolis properties are going...they are being bought up by everyone who lives in a California! I'm a hard working locally based investor, PM ... See more
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