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  • Paralyzed by financing fear!
    Replied May 10, 2018
    Just a Mom and Dad's old house with seller financing and a minimal down payment and rent out rooms...Also, take investing one step at a time. Many variables will c... See more
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  • Ep 278. The Boring Path to Real Estate Success w Charles Roberts
    Replied May 10, 2018
    Thanks for the excellent podcast. It's refreshing to hear a more conservative approach to real estate investing than is often addressed. We've chosen to only leverage our rental... See more
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  • Appraisal came back LOW - now what?
    Replied April 24, 2018
    I had an appraisal come in $100,000 low on a 4-plex because I live in a rural area with no comps. I had my realtor write up a Request for Reconsideration using off-book comps an... See more
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