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  • Multi-family vs Single family
    Replied August 16, 2018
    @Matthew Choi The last thing you want to do is buy a SF and not have money ready when a multi comes along. With that being said, there are a lot on here who do well with SF's. K... See more
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  • does anyone have excel to track monthly rentals
    Replied August 16, 2018
    @Frank Mowatt I twisted myself in knots trying to use QB for my 2 multi-families and I found it to be very inflexible and unforgiving. I use Excel and I love it. I use have made... See more
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  • Landlord Locks Reviews
    Replied August 16, 2018
    @Todd Kalsey I have had a great experience with Landlordlocks. I switched out 9 units. I have a common outside door which they all can access, but then their key will only work ... See more
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