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  • Property management charging steeply/not on maintenance items ?
    Replied July 18, 2018
    There are 2 possibilities, 1) you hired a small time PM company and they are upcharging you or they just dont know what they are doing and didnt get bids from other contractors.... See more
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  • Biggest costs in BRRRR
    Replied July 18, 2018
    Roof, HVAC, foundation are the big 3. After that it would be plumbing and electrical because of permits and more skilled labor needed for those trades.  See more
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  • 1 of 3 tenants needs to move out
    Replied July 18, 2018
    I don't see a problem here either. My lease doesn't allow subleasing unless there is written consent. Just screen the potential tenants she has lined up and let them take over f... See more
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