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  • Opposite of Fear?
    Replied November 10, 2007
    I think the opposite of fear is faith. I'm a spiritual person, so not only do I mean faith in God, but faith in yourself. Faith is what causes you to take that first step desp... See more
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  • Any investors in Indianapolis, IN?
    Started August 3, 2008
    Hi Everyone! Just checking to see if there are any investors on the forum that either live or invest in Indianapolis, IN that I might be able to network with. I've been invest... See more
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  • I just can't find wholesale buyers!
    Replied November 9, 2007
    enjoidc, You have no further to look than your own backyard. You are in Bloomington,IN and you are only about 45 min away from Indianapolis which has an abundance of people lo... See more
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