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  • Best cities to buy into for AirBNB?
    Replied December 19, 2017
    Christopher, Thanks for the clarification. I found this out after originally posting this, but forgot to follow up. GregOriginally posted by @Christopher Brainard: Originally p... See more
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  • Best cities to buy into for AirBNB?
    Replied October 6, 2017
    Be sure to check local regulations for some of the cities you're proposing. For example, short term rentals (under 30 days) are illegal in Las Vegas thanks to casino/resort lobb... See more
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  • USAA Career Starter loan as a future down payment?
    Replied September 21, 2017
    Ashton, I like option one on your list. I'd also recommend aggressively paying down your student loans so you don't have to worry about them in the future (there are obviously v... See more
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