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  • New Bubble
    Replied June 14, 2013
    My 2 cents on the 2nd bubble: it is real but it was helped along by the government, banks, and media. The banks held back the supply of foreclosures, government kept interest ... See more
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  • New York City market - investing in rental apartments
    Replied June 14, 2013
    ok real estate is hot in NYC right now and the economics soon will not support it as it is obvious wall street is due for a correction soon. 10% ROI is also way too ambitious f... See more
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  • how would you invest 100k in todays market.
    Replied June 14, 2013
    last but not least look at the surrounding homes. an 80k home in a sea of 80k homes is not necessarily a good deal. you want an 80k home where they go for 100k plus. See more
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