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  • Anyone making money from Credit Repair?
    Replied May 5, 2009
    I actually help my family & friends and some acquaintances fix blemishes off their credit. It's tedious and I enjoy fighting the companies. I get things off within 2- 4 mont... See more
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  • Getting Started Bird Dogging
    Replied September 6, 2008
    Originally posted by Paula Redd:Make sure they tell you what they are looking for. Don't count on paying your bills with this. I've been doing this for eight months and haven'... See more
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  • Where oh where do I start
    Started August 3, 2008
    I would be happy to share notes with you, my biz plan is relatively short and to the point; due to the fact that I want to keep my audience's attention.. Alison Originally pos... See more
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