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  • Seller wont let me put the house under contract.
    Replied December 26, 2009
    A flex option agreement is simply an agreement that the seller allows you to post the property to your Buyers list for the asking price plus your fee and it does not cost the se... See more
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  • Flip HUD with TRANSACTIONAL funding?
    Replied August 29, 2009
    You can buy a HUD property and flip it as long as the end buyer does not get an FHA loan.It has to be a conventional loan,or all cash deal.You can also flip a HUD home in Forecl... See more
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  • How to buy reo with no money down
    Replied August 12, 2009
    I heard on a blog that it is possible to flip an REO, in order to do this is you have to get the REO first,then find a buyer add them to the contract as a partner on the deal.Bo... See more
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