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The Real Estate Investing Social Network, Information Hub and Marketplace

real estate is one of the most respected online real estate networking and information resource platforms, created for professionals, investors, homeowners, and other aficionados. With over 270,000 members, almost 800,000 monthly unique visitors (3/2015), 1,200,000+ forum posts, and tens of thousands of articles, BiggerPockets is changing an industry, one investor at a time.

Our mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools, data, and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, marketing, and other day to day real estate activities.

Going beyond the website, BiggerPockets delivers top-notch real estate networking and educational content via its ebooks, podcast, and the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit.

What Are You Guys Trying to Do?

Our mission is to help educate people in all aspects of real estate and real estate investing and to provide tools and resources to enhance real estate knowledge, networking, dealmaking, and marketing. Furthermore, we believe that the real estate investing industry has a credibility problem — we're here to try and change that.

Learn more about the BiggerPockets Mindset, Core Beliefs, and reasons to join on our Start Here page. This page also contains links to several important tutorials for using the site, including the all important "How to Use BiggerPockets to Grow Your Business"

What's So Unique about BiggerPockets?

real estate community We take pride in offering all our content, discussion forums and networking for FREE to our users, and strive to bring our users additional services and tools that they can use to improve their investing. While BiggerPockets does have PRO accounts available for users who are looking for more powerful tools, the basic account will grant access to all areas of the site encompassing education and discussion.

Since its founding in 2004, BiggerPockets has revolutionized the way people in the real estate world network. With our Social Networking Platform, which allows people to safely and professionally communicate with one another, we were able to bring these networking capabilities to the next level.

Unlike most other real estate investing and "educational" real estate websites, we do not promote "gurus" in an effort just to gain affiliate sales. Our purpose is to help educate our members directly on our site. Through our forums, articles, member blogs, podcast and BiggerPockets Blog, users can get an education that they'd spend thousands of dollars for elsewhere. We believe that there should be an alternative to high-priced, and often outdated guru materials, and BiggerPockets is designed to fill that void.

Our site is here for the consumer. We are not fans of the sleazy sales pitch and that shows if you take a look at our forums and other areas of the site! We kick out spammers and leeches and focus on providing our members with a safe learning, networking, and marketing experience free from pressure and solicitation.

There are many copycats out there, but only one BiggerPockets!

Want more information about BiggerPockets?
Learn about the Nine Core Beliefs of BiggerPockets Members, Why Join BiggerPockets: 12 Benefits for You and Your Business, What to Do First at BiggerPockets, Important Tutorials, and The Best of BiggerPockets... So Far on our Start Page

Company Leadership

Joshua Dorkin - Founder / CEO was founded by Joshua Dorkin and launched on October 22, 2004. An entrepreneur, web designer, real estate investor, and one-time realtor, Joshua was not satisfied by the online offerings of other real estate sites out there, and decided to build one himself. Mr. Dorkin's vision for BiggerPockets has helped to propel it into becoming one of the top real estate destinations online. His vision for the site and its future has brought national press attention to both Mr. Dorkin and to BiggerPockets.

Brandon Turner - Senior Vice President, Communications
Brandon is the Senior VP for as well as an active real estate investor specializing in both flipping and long-term residential rentals. Brandon purchased his first property at the age of 21 and, alongside his wife, quickly built up a portfolio of cash-flow positive properties that enabled them to leave the corporate world and pursue their passions. Brandon then began blogging and teaching others about investing in real estate and in November 2012, joined the BiggerPockets team to help grow the community. Brandon also enjoys traveling, playing the acoustic guitar, and drinking 185 degree peppermint hot chocolate drinks from Starbucks.

Scott Trench - Director of Operations
A longtime fan of BiggerPockets and a wannabe Real Estate Investor, Scott is the company’s Director of Operations. BiggerPockets is a BIG website, and Scott’s background in finance and big data analysis will be instrumental in the next phases of company growth and in helping to bring the resources of BiggerPockets to more investors worldwide. Scott is passionate about helping others build wealth and serving his community in whatever ways he can. In his spare time, Scott enjoys skiing, biking, crock-pot cooking (admittedly a fan), and is a lifelong rugger.

Melissa Kilbourne - Director of Growth
Responsible for all things data, acquisition, and conversion on the site, Melissa is the company's Director of Growth. She brings analytical experience to the team in both product and marketing roles from several tech startups in the US and abroad. She holds an undergraduate degree from Wharton and obtained her graduate degree in Informatics while living abroad in Germany. In her free time, Melissa likes to ski with her husband, spoil her dog, and spend an unhealthy amount of time watching crime shows.

Allison Leung - Managing Editor & Content Architect
A career writer, editor and blogger, Allison serves as the Managing Editor & Content Architect for the BiggerPockets blog. With a passion for connecting audiences with information to empower financial freedom and a curiosity for all things Real Estate, Allison is excited to help contribute quality content to BiggerPockets. Allison believes that BiggerPockets’ value lies in its enthusiastic members, and she seeks to immerse herself in the site’s community and to serve her audience in any way possible. In her free time, Allison enjoys a diverse array of hobbies from knitting and reading to exploring and general adventure-having. Don’t ask about her dog, Ace, unless you want to see approximately 500 photos of his (adorable) face.

Hilary Catton - Director of Member Services
Hilary was born into the world of house flipping, with her understanding of Real Estate engrained into her at a young age. As Gatekeeper, she is a right hand (wo)man to CEO, Josh Dorkin and helps manage user support. She gets excited and inspired by helping people and her community by putting customers first, and loves to provide a helpful hand to anyone with questions about the site. In her spare time, she spends her days in the mountains, rooting for the Red Wings, or reading books about science and space.

Dave Visaya - Audio Engineer and Community Support
A promising real estate investor from the other side of the globe, Dave works in the shadows as The Sixth Man, heading up podcast audio engineering, spam account moderation, and support management as well as helping to keep the site as active and enjoyable as possible. He plans to invest in real estate locally in the near future. Dave enjoys meeting great people and exchanging views on anything from philosophy to finance to the general universe. His hobbies include playing the guitar, reading books, writing blogs, and continually learning more about the web and its development. His vision is to be a catalyst for BiggerPockets as it expands as a global resource for real estate investment throughout the US and beyond.

Engineering Team

Jarrett Baugh - Software Engineer
Jarrett began programming in C and C++ before moving to web development, giving him a deeper understanding of software. Software engineering has always been fascinating to Jarrett because he loves to solve problems. He is always trying to improve himself by learning new techniques and working with smart people. Outside of programming, he enjoys learning about the sciences, relaxing with friends, and investing for his future. He graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Computer Science.

Edd Morgan - Software Engineer
Edd has been designing and developing software since he was skipping class to hack through PHP books. He loves to make things and takes great pride when something he builds takes shape. He's never finished learning, whether it’s a programming methodology, design theory or a foreign language. When he’s not coding, he loves playing video games, basketball and adding to his sneaker collection.

Robert Perry Robert Perry - Software Engineer
Rob is a polygot when it comes to programming languages; however, his favorites are Ruby, C#, Objective C and Java. He loves few things more than creating and fixing software. He is interested in learning about and then investing in real-estate. He appreciates the time he spends with family, friends, playing and listening to music, and learning.

Volunteer Community & Moderation Team

Jon Holdman - Lead Moderator
Jon is an IT guy who does real estate investment part time. He designs and develops storage subsystems, which is a combination of hardware and software. Jon started doing hard money loans in 2007, and then bought his first property in 2008. He continues to invest in properties throughout the Denver area.

Dawn Anastasi - Moderator
Dawn is a full-time real estate investor out of Milwaukee, WI. She began her real estate investing career in 2008 with two single-family homes that started off as rentals and were later sold. She transitioned to the Milwaukee area in 2011 and in under 4 years, purchased 13 properties and sold one. She continues to invest in buy-and-hold properties in the Milwaukee area.

Will Barnard - Moderator
Will Barnard is a real estate investor and developer in Southern California. Will has experience in almost every aspect of real estate investing including spec building, fix and flip, rehabbing, wholesaling, landlording, short sales, land development, notes, and more.

Ned Carey - Moderator
Ned Carey is a full time real estate investor with ten years of investing experience. He is a lifelong entrepreneur. Previously he owned an independent sales organization for the bicycle industry before turning to real estate. Mr. Carey’s specialty is tax sale investing which he uses to acquire properties to wholesale or to build his rental portfolio. His experience includes multi-family, single family, renovations, tax liens, ground leases, holding mortgages and wholesaling. This wide range of experience makes him a sought after coach, mentor and partner.

Mehran Kamari - Moderator
Mehran is a fairly new real estate investor living in Southern California. Right now, he works the graveyard shift at his full time J.O.B. in the medical field. Mehran acquired his first rental in early 2013 and is now quickly scooping up more residential properties (1-4 units) to grow his portfolio. His dreams of replacing his earned income with passive cash flow become more real each day. Realizing how big of a role plays in his development as an investor, he feels compelled to give back to the community whenever he can. You can also always find him training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hiking, reading or enjoying an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.

Jon Klaus - Moderator
Jon is a career entrepreneur with an IT services business in Dallas, TX. He and his wife Chris live on a ranch near Dallas with their 7 children. Jon has been a serious real estate investor since 2008, and has bought and sold dozens of properties, built homes, and owns an office building. Along with faith and family, real estate investing is his passion.

Karen Margrave - Moderator
Karen started out working as an executive assistant in an office of 35 agents, and later got her license. Along with her husband, a contractor that built steel buildings, she decided it would be fun to develop office buildings, and started doing that. After a few years she got her contractors license. Over the years they've developed general offices, medical offices, multi families, office parks, office/retail condos, medical/dental clinics and a residential subdivision. The majority of their projects are spec buildings, which they sell to investors and owner/users.

Joel Owens - Moderator
Joel is a commercial real estate broker and an investor who specializes in Multifamily properties (5+ units) and Triple Net leasing. Mr. Owens has been licensed since 2004 and has been the principal broker and owner of his company All World Realty since 2007. Mr. Owens loves commercial real estate and it is his true passion to discuss and talk about properties and possible deals.

Darren Sager - Moderator
Darren is a full time real estate investor in the New York City metropolitan area and has had his real estate license since 2008. He became a landlord as his only means of purchasing a home in 1998 and hasn't looked back since. He has experience in multi family, single family, renovate to rent, renovate to sell, and property management. There's little around the house he doesn't understand & know how to do himself. He also loves to educate and help real estate investors at all levels find properties and maximize their income potential.

J. Scott - Moderator
Jason ("J") Scott is a professional investor living in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. After spending more than 15 years in management positions at such companies as Microsoft, eBay and DirecTV, J and his wife left the corporate world in 2008 to focus on building a successful and scalable investment business aimed at purchasing, rehabbing and reselling single family homes. In the past four years, their business - Lish Properties, LLC - has completed over $5M in real estate transactions, comprising 40+ renovations and property sales and another 50+ projects on which the Lish team has mentored, consulted to and assisted.

Brie Schmidt - Moderator
Brie is a Full Time Real Estate Investor and has been a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2004. She started purchasing investment properties in 2011 when she founded BBS Apartments which owns and manages 2 - 4 unit investment properties with 29 units in Chicago, Milwaukee, and NW Indiana. She specializes in buy and hold acquisitions in IL, WI and IN and as a broker assists new and experienced investors with the growth of their portfolios.

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