1031 Exchange Articles

  1. Understanding The 1031 Tax Exchange

    over 6 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article is the real estate investor's guide to 1031 tax deferred exchanges

  2. The Secret To Success That 97% Of All Real Estate Investors Overlook

    over 6 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    The real estate investing market can be a slippery and treacherous path if you don’t know what you are doing. No matter how excited you might get over the prospect of a successful real estate bus...

  3. Vacation Home Exchangs and Rev. Proc. 2008-16

    about 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Provides an overview of Revenue Procedure 2008-16 and how investors contemplating exchanging out of or into a vacation home held primarily for investment may to plan in advance.

  4. Sections 121 & 1031 Can Apply to the Same Property

    about 4 years ago by Cris Anderson

    This article will explain how a property used as a principal residence and as a rental may qualify for treatment under Section 121 and Section 1031.

  5. Property Held for Resale: What One Bad Apple Can Do

    about 6 years ago by Amy K. Walsh, CES®

    Discussion of necessity for investors, especially those in development or "flipping," to keep their properties separate and the consequences if they don't.

  6. No Vacation on 1031 Watch

    about 6 years ago by Amy K. Walsh, CES®

    Summary of the Moore v. Commissioner case discussing the treatment of vacation homes in 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

  7. Acquiring Multiple Replacement Properties

    almost 4 years ago by Cris Anderson

    This article explains the identification rules and the method to determine the new basis of multiple replacement properties

  8. 1031 Exchanges in a Foreclosure Situation

    about 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Investors facing foreclosure may still end up with unintended tax consequences. This article explores why an exchange may need to be set up prior to a foreclosure and how to accomplish this type of...

  9. Exchange Terminology

    about 5 years ago by Scott Saunders

    Provides real estate investors with simple definitions for many of the descriptions and 'buzz words' associated with 1031 tax deferred exchanges and provides a simple and concise overview that many...

  10. Do You Want 360 Days to Exchange?

    over 4 years ago by Scott Saunders

    This article descibes the benefits of potentially combining a reverse exchange along with a delayed exchange.

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