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Local Real Estate Articles

  1. Philadelphia Condominium Cache' and Value

    almost 6 years ago by Mark Wade

    The cache' of many Philadelphia Condo Buildings is linked to its value, and is largely based upon Perception

  2. Denver Real Estate Stats - August ‘08

    almost 7 years ago by Gretchen Faber

    It’s that time again! Time for Denver Real Estate Statistics, and I’ve got a great deal of information this month. The chart is provided by MetroList, metro Denver’s MLS provider.

  3. Foreclosures - The Best Time Ever to Buy Real Estate in Las Vegas

    almost 7 years ago by Glenn Plantone

    Because of the huge drop in prices in Las Vegas due to record foreclosures over the last year it is a buyers market and could be the best time ever to buy a home in the Las Vegas market

  4. Properties in Mexico

    almost 7 years ago by Myles C. York

    Owning property in Mexico is easier and safer than ever, because now there are established and well defined rules regarding non-Mexicans owning land in Mexico. These rules are in place to protect y...

  5. Florida Pre Foreclosure investor Information

    almost 6 years ago by James Mikel

    There is only one free source necessary to locate pre foreclosures in Florida. This source will allow you to locate properties before they are posted on commercial sites and can lead you to puttin...

  6. Strength of the Dubai Property Market

    almost 7 years ago by Jenny Andrew

    Dubai has a 20-year track record of strong economic growth, infrastructure development and political stability. In the recent years, the city has been a continuous attraction for foreign investors.

  7. Lake Ridge VA-Avoiding the Cookie Cutter House Syndrome

    over 6 years ago by Cindy Jones

    If a new home in Prince William County VA is in your future then Lake Ridge VA is a neighborhood to put on your must see list.

  8. Life in La Mirada, California

    almost 6 years ago by Tony Serrano

    La Mirada, California has a racially diverse population comprised of mostly married couples. There are approximately 22,959 men and 24,589 women that live in La Mirada. The median age of the enti...

  9. Time to Go Green in Austin, Texas

    over 6 years ago by Roselind Hejl

    Will buyers demand greener homes? Austin's new energy ordinance will make energy audits and disclosures a part of the home sale process.

  10. Investing In Fort Worth, TX

    almost 7 years ago by Will Barnard

    Why Fort Worth, TX is an excellent investment opportunity.

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