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Starting Out Investing Articles

  1. How to make sure you stay Focused

    about 7 years ago by Glen Andrews

    To be successful you must know what tasks make you money. How to know what you're good at and what you're not.

  2. Assembling your Real Estate Investing Team

    about 7 years ago by Joshua Dorkin

    There are several important things you need to be successful in real estate, one of which is a great team. Learn who the key members of that team should be.

  3. Getting Started As A Real Estate Investor

    about 7 years ago by Carey Harris

    A look at the first 9 questions you need to ask yourself before you proceed forward as a real estate investor.

  4. Nine Traits You Need For Success

    almost 7 years ago by Jason Hanson

    Learn the nine traits needed to close more deals and join the top 5% of real estate investors.

  5. 10 Must Have Things To Bring When Viewing A Property

    over 4 years ago by Danny Johnson

    Here are 10 things you should have with you when going to view properties. Keep those fleas at bay and make sure you don't miss something important. Read on.

  6. Real Estate Training

    almost 7 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    To train or not to Train—this is a question answered in today’s economy. As the housing market spreads its virus into other areas of our economy, we see the importance of proper training in t...

  7. The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Consultant

    almost 7 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Consultant. Do you invest in real estate? Is your business as successful as you feel it should be? You might consider hiring a real estate consultant. Real est...

  8. How to Turn a Gold Nugget into a Turd

    almost 7 years ago by Sean Flanagan

    I’ve got a friend and student who I’ve been “working” with for over a year now. Trouble is, he can’t get “out of his own way”. Regardless of the “golden” advice he gets, he can’...

  9. Creating Your Real Estate Investing Vision

    about 5 years ago by Tom Bukacek

    A clear vision statement makes each business day a bit easier. Many different challenges and obstacles will arise, but a clear vision will allow you to prioritize that which will lead you to your ...

  10. All Roads Lead to Buy and Hold

    almost 7 years ago by Jason Hanson

    The “true” way to becoming a multi-millionaire investor, is by buying and holding properties for the long term.

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