BiggerPockets® Forum & Site Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the BiggerPockets® Forums/Site Rules

In addition to these forum and site rules, note that by participating on BiggerPockets, you agree to follow our Terms of Service. The real estate investing discussion forums and social network at are where investors and other real estate professionals congregate. First and foremost, is a community. There are certain rules which we enforce in order to provide the most enjoyable atmosphere that we can.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our posting and activity regulations, and understand that we also rely on YOU to help us keep this community friendly and enjoyable. This means that not only do the rest of the members expect you to follow these guidelines in your own posts and activity, the administrators and moderators should be contacted via email or private message if you feel that another member's post or activity has violated these rules to such a degree that you would like to bring it to our attention.

All reports will be judged without prejudice.

I. Forum & Blog Posting Regulations

A - No Pornographic or Sexual Material.
Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated. Additionally, sexually explicit discussions are not acceptable to our community. Any posting of such material will result in a permanent ban.

B - No Profanity in Thread Titles.
We do ask that the titles of threads contain no foul language. Moderators of individual boards may also allow or disallow profanity as they see fit, and their decisions are final.

C - Posting Email Addresses, Websites & Phone Numbers in Forum Threads.
In order to try to prevent spammers, we do not allow our users to post URLs in any form until they have posted at least 10 legitimate posts and have been with us for more than 7 days. We appreciate your understanding in this matter in order to help us eliminate spam from this forum.

After you have reached 10 posts, you may post websites within posts to point out valuable resources (more on this later), however, the ONLY place where it is appropriate to post your own URL is in the forum MARKETPLACE, where appropriate.

If you want to include your email address, website, or phone number for people to contact you, please put this information in your Signature. We will remove any email address, website or phone number that has been placed in our message posts as a means of contact, except in ad posts placed in our Marketplace. For more info why, see: Why can't we post our contact information in our forum posts?

Please do not give out any personal information such as phone number, postal address, zip code, last name, or anything you do not wish others to know. If you choose to ignore this request, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. First Name, Age, Gender, Location, and Birthday are all optional upon registration. As stated above, only email address, username, and password are required. Please know privacy is very important to us; we will never divulge your email address to anyone without first asking your consent. If you get "spam" emails from a member please report the email address to us so we can investigate.

D - No FAO (for the attention of) or Goodbye posts.
You will refrain from having personal discussions or "for the attention of" post with other board members. Please use the Private Message feature of the board, chat, or email for this purpose. Along similar lines, any 'Goodbye Forum' threads will be removed without notice; if you no longer want to engage on our forum, we wish you well, but we don't allow any last hurrah threads.

E - No Impersonations.
Do not attempt to impersonate other forum members, and forum moderators/administrators. Such an attempt will not be successful and it is an offense that will get you banned from the forums -no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Please do not post email addresses, standard addresses, ICQ and other messaging client numbers, or phone numbers which are not your own. Creating fake users on our site, to speak for you or your company, will not be tolerated.

F - You Must Disclose Your Relationship with any Company, Website, Guru, or other entity that You Comment About, If There is Any!
If you participate in a discussion about a company, website, guru, coaching program, etc., and have any kind of relationship with that entity (e.g. affiliate, partnership, employee, owner), you MUST disclose this in your post. If you do not, we reserve the right to remove your post, and even close your account on our site. Be clear about this relationship. We also reserve the right to ask about your relationship with any company that you comment on, publically or privately; if you don't want to be asked about your relationship, then don't post in any threads about the previously discussed entities.

G - One account per user, please.
Please do not register multiple accounts. Using alternate nicknames and accounts is considered unacceptable.

H - No Abusive Behavior.
You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this Forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, abusive, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violating of any law. Hate speech is not tolerated. We will not tolerate abusive behavior to another member, moderator, or administrator in public or through our PM system.

ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR INCLUDES POSTING IN ALL CAPS! It is bad netiquette, and is flat out rude. Doing so will not be tolerated.

I - Do NOT Flame or Troll
Flaming, flamebaiting, and trolling are NOT allowed ANYWHERE on this site! This rule applies to posts, signatures, and PMs. Flaming is directly insulting another member, flame-baiting is making a comment with the intention of getting a flame as a response, and trolling is the act of making posts with no purpose other than to annoy people.

J - Remember - All Members are Equals
Do NOT single a member out because they have low postcount, negative influence, or a low status on the site. All members should be treated equally, whether they be an admin, moderator, or average member. This also includes minor rule violators. You may NOT attack minor rule violators for breaking the rules, simply tell them the rule they broke and leave it at that. Although major offenders such as advertisement spammers likely won't get you in trouble for attacking them, any rule violations are best handled by reporting the member or post to a moderator or admin, not by flaming them.

K - Respect the Staff
If a staff member tells you to stop doing something, STOP. If you don't you'll likely be banned. If you disagree with any action taken by a staff member, please contact the administrator privately. We'll gladly review anything you have to say. NEVER attack the staff directly, as this is immediate grounds for banning. Finally, if you aren't happy with moderation or actions taken by the staff, please discuss this with us privately; we won't stand for grandstanding.

L - No Email Harvesting
Users may not harvest email addresses from our site. Doing so will result in an immediate ban!

Members may only send a PM to their colleagues. This is to discourage spammers. Our PRO members may send PMs to any member, but can do so understanding that like those people with basic memberships, you agree NOT to send ANY unwanted solicitation through the use of our PM function and via email through our site. Doing so is grounds for immediate removal from the site!

We will not permit anyone to divert the members of this forum to other competing real estate forums or websites. Recruiting our members to other forums or competing websites is strictly forbidden. If you are simply here to promote your own forum, then please leave as you will be banned for doing so.

O - No Affiliate Marketing
No form of affiliate marketing is allowed on BiggerPockets. That means no posting affiliate links in messages, in your signature, on blog posts, or on your profile. Hiding affiliate links through services that provide short urls is also forbidden.

P - Posting Images in Threads.
Screenshots, photographs, and other images that you want to embed in your post must be no larger than 640 x 480 pixels. Larger images will be deleted, resized, or changed to a link.

Q - Stay On-Topic
Posts in a particular forum need to stay on topic. If you want to talk about something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum, please create a new topic. Posts that are off the topic of real estate must be placed in the off-topic or politics forums.

R - No Religious Postings Threads on Religion will not be permitted on this forum. Additionally, religious statements will not be permitted. This is a real estate forum and religious debates, discussions, or proselytizing has no place here. You may also not use a religious quote in your signature or elsewhere on the site.

S - No Thread Killing
If a member is not happy with a post they have made, they should remove it once posted. Removal of posts, once others have responded, does nothing but ruin the flow of a conversation and kill a thread. Users who engage in thread-killing will have their accounts suspended.

Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: advertisements that are not located in the classifieds section, empty posts, posts with few words that have no relation to the current thread, promotion of your website or product in any thread other than the classifieds, or discussion and those posts that state they are Spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count. Posting the same message across several threads is also considered Spam, as is filling your post with keywords with the goal of attracting searchers. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

U - Off-Limits Ad & Solicitation Types
You will not post topics or messages including chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any kind of ponzi scam on our site. Doing so will result in the immediate termination of your account.

V - No Advertising or Promotions in Q&A Discussion Areas.
There is one area of the forums for promotion, solicitation, marketing, and requests: The BiggerPockets Real Estate Marketplace

In order to post or respond to a post in the Marketplace, you must first upgrade to a BiggerPockets PRO or BiggerPockets Plus account.

Any kind of advertising, solicitation, market research or dealmaking post made outside these areas will be removed.

These rules apply to the Marketplace Threads: Users may post an ad every 5 days in the Marketplace. Ads for the same thing made more frequently will be removed and users are limited to starting 2 ad threads a day in the Marketplace total. Furthermore, BiggerPockets reserves the right to remove ads or to close completely accounts of those users who have incomplete profiles, or who fail to provide enough information to identify the product or service that is being promoted.

II - Member User Names, Signatures, Avatars, and Profile Information.

A - Usernames
We do not allow members to use website URLs or email addresses as usernames. Usernames must be appropriate and shall not contain references to drugs, sex, or any other material generally thought to be inappropriate.

B - Avatars (Profile Images)
Member avatars exist so our users can share their personalities or photos. Avatars MAY NOT be used for promotional purposes. This means NO ads and NO company logos. BiggerPockets is a professional networking site, and as such, we will NOT allow members to use the image of famous people or personalities for their avatars; users also can't use avatars displaying copyright protected images. Avatars may not contain pictures that the staff deems to be sexually explicit or overtly unprofessional. Finally, avatars that make political or religious statements will not be allowed.

C - Forum Signatures
Registered members are allowed to append signatures to their forum posts. These signatures will show up once a user has 10 posts OR if they upgrade to PRO or Plus and: - Must be set up in your profile, and not manually added to your messages.
- May not contain any pricing, sales, product etc. details.
- May include two clickable link URL and/or one clickable email (mailto: )
- Can't be advertisements
- May not contain links to other real estate forums or competing websites.
- May not be rented or sold to anyone.
- Any signature that is offensive, insulting, or harmful to either BiggerPockets, its members, or its staff, are prohibited.
- Usage of all capital letters is prohibited.
- May be removed if a member is no longer active or if a member's only intention (as determined by the administrators) is to post to get their signature seen. i.e. fluff posts

The administrators may remove any signature at any time for any reason. Administration and forum leaders will have final determination as to what is appropriate.


BiggerPockets administrators may at their discretion, upgrade links contained within our forums that point to books or other real estate materials. These upgraded links may contain codes allowing BiggerPockets to profit for referred traffic.


Our forum voting system was created so members can recognize others who have added to the community with their forum posts. As votes affect influence, in order to prevent members from gaming the community, we've implemented automated voting bans and other policies for members who abuse or game the voting system to inflate their influence or that of other members. Blindly voting for any post simply to build your influence will result in a loss in privileges.


Abuse of the forum email & private messaging systems will result in removal from the site immediately. In addition, we reserve the right to seek financial retribution for severe cases of forum email & private messaging abuse.

Note: The forum administrators reserve the right to periodically scan & review the PM database in search of abuse.


Please note that when you register for this forum, you agree to receive emails & private messages sent by the administrators & moderators of the forum. Any threat of legal action will not be taken seriously, as the forum emailings do not get sent to you unless you register & thus, permit it.


BiggerPockets, Inc. reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to parts of or the entire BiggerPockets® Real Estate Website, if you violate any of the rules stated in this document or any other service terms documents. In some instances, a moderator will remove the offending message and may or may not send you a note letting you know why the message was removed and requesting that you adhere to the site's policies. It is your responsibility to maintain a current, valid email address in your registration information so that our moderators can contact you in the event of a policy violation. Any member who violates our policies will be denied access to these forums, or any other part of the site whether or not they were able to receive a message from a moderator stating the nature of the violation.


Members of these forums are solely responsible for ALL content that they post on our site. BiggerPockets, Inc. shall have the right, but not the obligation, to correct any errors or omissions in any Content, as it may determine in its sole discretion. While the administrators and staff of this site do try to make sure rules and guidelines are followed, the "real-time" nature of this community means they are not always able to prevent or remove inappropriate information or messages from being displayed and therefore can not be held responsible for the content, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message on these forums.

All proprietary rights, disclaimer of warranties, indemnities, limitations of liability and miscellaneous provisions survive any termination of your Account. BiggerPockets may ban, suspend, or terminate your account with or without notice for violations of the rules in this document, other service documents, or for any external legal violations of BiggerPockets' Rights, including, but not limited to violations of BiggerPockets, Inc.'s copyright.

BiggerPockets, Inc. further reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to delete or remove ANY user content from the site and to deny the access of any member to all parts of this site at any time for any reason without prior notice or liability.

If a member feels that these rules have been violated, they are encouraged to report the to a moderator or administrator via Private Message or email for review.

Our forums and blog discussions are semi-moderated, and moderators or administrators hold the right of closing or deleting a thread they feel it is inappropriate. Once a topic is closed, members are not allowed to start new ones with the same topic or to question why a specific thread has been closed. All questions or remarks regarding closed or deleted threads must be e-mailed privately to the moderator who performed this action. Further any discussion of these rules is to be held through the Administrators or Moderators, via e-mail, and not on the forums themselves.

We at reserve the right to delete any message or any other user content for any or no reason whatsoever.

If you don't like these rules, please don't post or participate. If you break these rule, we reserve the right to revoke your posting privileges. Remember, posting here is a privilege and not a right.

If your posting privileges have been revoked and you have questions about why, or what you might be able to do to restore them (this is not possible in all cases), please email the Forum Administrator.

BiggerPockets, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content, links to or use of the content of the messages posted on this board, nor do we endorse the opinions of the authors. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless BiggerPockets, Inc. and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).

Furthermore, you grant BiggerPockets, Inc. a non-revocable full and perpetual license to use, display, store, copy, archive, move, edit, delete, quote, or otherwise alter or adapt any post you make in any way deemed necessary for the normal operation and/or administration of this community.

BiggerPockets, Inc. reserves the right to publish forum post content (in whole or in part) on any or all of our associated sites. By submitting any content to this forum, you give us your consent to reproduce such content in any way, publicly or privately, in any form of media, known or unknown, without any compensation to you.

Users of this site agree to compensate BiggerPockets, Inc. for any and all legal and court fees that may arise out of any lawsuits that are raised against it.

Social Networks, blogs and Message boards are a dynamic entity, and BiggerPockets, Inc. reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time.

Last Updated: 10/22/12