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Nick J.

from Scottsdale, Arizona

Apr 02 '11, 06:57 AM
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Hey guys and gals, remember me?

I know its been a while but I was just taking a long needed break and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Starting Monday, April 4th I will be attending my first day of Realtor Licensing school. I know I know, its odd to see me say that but its true, its true.

I'll ONLY be listing houses for retail clients and working directly with investors. No way am I burning up my weekends driving people around looking at houses :roll:

I'll be much more active again here on BP. As an licensed agent of the Valley as well as who I am, an Investor.

Any questions, comments or if you're looking to work with an agent that 'gets it' then send me a message, colleague request etc....

Jimmy C.

Real Estate Investor from Clearwater, Florida

Apr 02 '11, 07:07 AM

Welcome back! I am studying for my license now. I know what you mean about working with John and Suzie homeowner. I am only getting license to capitalize on opportunities that I currently refer to agents.

Scott Karg

Real Estate Investor from Jarrettsville, Maryland

Apr 02 '11, 10:40 AM

Just finished my real estate school, my state exam is 4/6!

Account Closed

Apr 02 '11, 01:00 PM

Welcome back,

Glad to hear that there will be one investor friendly Realtor out there.

Justin S. Donor

Involved In Real Estate from Chandler, Arizona

Apr 02 '11, 02:19 PM

Welcome back Nick, glad to see you on here again!

Nick J.

from Scottsdale, Arizona

Apr 02 '11, 05:51 PM

Thanks for the welcome backs Charles and Justin........

Matt Rosen

Real Estate Investor from Honolulu, Hawaii

Apr 02 '11, 06:53 PM

Thats great Nick! Great to see you back in action. Looking forward to talking soon

Account Closed

Apr 03 '11, 02:47 AM

Originally posted by Charles Perkins:
Welcome back,

Glad to hear that there will be one investor friendly Realtor out there.

It seems that I was typing to fast again. Meant to say one more investor friendly real estate agent out there.

I think a real estate agent that has invested and is investing has a much better understanding of what investors are looking for.

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