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Ryan L.
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34 year old father of 5 great kids! I've lived in the valley (Phoenix metro area) since I was a child. I've watched this city grow and love every day of it.

I make the claim that it would be hard to find anyone that knows my city like I do. I love investing, I love the freedom of it and I couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else but Phoenix!

Ever want to chat about investing in the Phoenix area, don't hesitate to ask. You'll get honest, unbiased opinions and experience from me. I welcome all fellow investors and certainly believe there is enough for all of us here.


Years ago I started doing Sub2 deals and Short Sales when they started to get a lot of attention.

Throughout the years my strategies have stayed in line with that. Only the methods have changed with the times.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to take those profits and purchase long term buy/holds.

During the beginning of 2011, I decided to add to my Real Estate career by becoming a licensed agent.

Having the previous investing experience, I believe it will greatly assist me in ongoing ventures.

Real Estate Goals

My goals are to marry the experiences and knowledge of my past investing with the future of being a licensed Realtor into a streamlined business of assisting fellow investors and continued purchases of my own investment properties.

Currently Seeking

Anyone currently or interested in doing any real estate in the Phoenix metro area.




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