Estimated cost to move mobile home/modular home?

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Justin Case

Real Estate Investor from Seattle, Washington

Jan 18 '12, 12:22 PM

How much does it cost to move a modular home?

It is about 1200sqft.


John Fedro Video Donor

Real Estate Investor from Austin, Texas

Jan 25 '12, 12:14 PM
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First off... is that your real name? If so I always thought that would be an awesome name to have.

I have never heard of a modular home being moved once placed down. A modular home is joined by contractors and inspected by a local county codes inspector almost identical to a traditional frame built (site built) home. As well as typical modular homes are placed on land you own.

If you meant a mobile or manufactured home then anywhere between $2,000-$3,000 including all permits, set-up, even electric/ac hookups moving around 20 miles distance. This is only an approx number assuming the home is a single-wide. If the home is a double wide OR a number of pop-outs, add-ons, or sun rooms then the price will go up rapidly. Also double-wides never quite go back to the pre-move look and feel, they always seem to be a little off when reconnected.

Many movers these days are hurting and will move the homes for much less or perhaps do so "off the clock". Call around and get at least 3 offers from different movers.

-John Fedro

John Fedro,
John Fedro Love what you do daily

Gene Hacker

Real Estate Investor from Wofford Heights, California

Jan 25 '12, 11:19 PM

I agree with John that you should start by getting several estimates. Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Do they include teardown, moving, permits, rough set, re-installing seismic foundation, interior patching, painting, etc, etc...

I have had movers do the tear down through rough set. I use my crew to do everything else.

It cost us about 3000 to move a double-wide around 130 miles.

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