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Matt Marotta

Architect from hudson, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 11:04 AM

Hello All!

I wanted to say Hi and give a brief introduction, I am currently an Architect that works for a medium sized firm in Boston. I have grown up around real estate, it seem that all my role models in life have been involved in real estate in some form from rentals-flipping. I am currently setting up a LLC and getting money together to purchase my first investment property. Initially my primary focus/goal will be to purchase a 4+ unit building within the next year. Then hopefully one more every year following. Of course I am open to flipping property in the mean time, I am excited for whatever comes my way!

I think this site is great and have already learned so much in the short time I have been dropping by. I think this site has given me the confidence that I needed to get off my tush and get going.

All the best,

Bill G.

Real Estate Investor from Springfield, Missouri

Jan 17 '13, 11:51 AM

Welcome to BP Matt!

Glad to have you aboard for all the BOCA code questions! LOL

In your position, I might suggest you look at the economic development programs in your area and identify properties that can be converted to loft apts or garden types, student housing is also good. Some good tax benefits and funding sources and your background is right down that alley (or should be, LOL) Good luck!

Mike LaCava

Real Estate Investor from Buzzards Bay (Bourne), Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 11:53 AM

Hello Matt,

Welcome to BP. I am from Mass as well closer to cape cod area but grew up in Waltham, Ma. I am a full time real estate investor doing both buy and holds for passive income and wealth creating and also a full time house flipper. I love what I do. Nice to hear from a fellow neighbor. Let me know more specifically what you are looking for and if I hear of anything in the area you are looking I can always let you know.

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Ann Bellamy Verified

Real Estate Lender from Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 12:16 PM

Welcome, @Matt Marotta to Bigger Pockets. As an architect you have a little bit of a leg up over new investors with no related experience.

As you learn the ins and outs of investing, you be amazed at how much there is to learn. BP is a great place to start, with lots of resources for free. You can read for hours and never get bored.

I would also like to invite you to a free networking meeting, which was modeled partially on BP and with a lot of help from Kevin Amolsch. Our events attract over 100 investors and related professionals. You'll meet lots of like-minded people. I've provided a link to my post on the event this Tuesday. Hope to meet you there.

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Matt Marotta

Architect from hudson, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 12:22 PM


2 of the locations I am looking in (Fitchburg and Worcester) which has a decent student population. I would love to something fun with loft units as i have done a couple of mill conversion projects. I think that might be a little overwhelming for me for my first property but certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.


Hi neighbor, I grew up in Sudbury and currently live in Hudson. Right now I am looking for a 4+ multifamily in the Worcester/Middlesex area up to 300K or SFR to flip prob use hard money with some skin of my own in the deal. I have been involved in a few flips in the past but strictly helping with design and permit drawings. Any advise as to which of the local REI clubs I should get involved with?

Matt Marotta

Architect from hudson, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 12:24 PM

Thanks Ann,

I have already spent hours on this site trying to absorb as much as I can! I will def try and make it to this event sounds like I would be silly to pass it up.

Christopher Christie

from Wakefield, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 05:10 PM

Hey Matt,
The site is addicting! i am commercial superintendent in the retail / resturant sectors and beginner investor myself, generally north of Boston, Good Luck!

Brandon Turner Verified Video

Real Estate Investor from Montesano, Washington

Jan 17 '13, 05:15 PM

Welcome @Matt Marotta! Glad to have you onboard!

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Jenkins Ramon Donor

Real Estate Investor from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Jan 17 '13, 06:39 PM


Jenkins Ramon, JMWPS Ventures, LLC
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Bill Parlon

Rehabber from Boston, Massachusetts

Jan 17 '13, 08:14 PM

Hi Matt, welcome to this terrific site...I'm in Boston should your interests lead you this way...also, if you can make Ann Bellamys Rei meetings, you will not be disappointed.

Will Barnard Verified Moderator Donor

Real Estate Investor from Santa Clarita, California

Jan 17 '13, 09:28 PM

Welcome to BP Nation Matt. Glad to hear BP helped to get you off your duff. Stay active and engage this community for help.

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James Vermillion Donor

Real Estate Investor from Lexington, Kentucky

Jan 18 '13, 05:28 AM

+1 to what Will and others have said. You will be very surprised with what you can learn and the contacts you can make if you stay active and engaged in this community...welcome to BP!

Derrick Moore

Commercial Lender from New York City, New York

Jan 20 '13, 05:56 PM

Good job Billy, keep up the success!!!

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