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John Gullickson

Residential Lender from Henderson, NV

May 16 '08, 05:27 AM

I just heard Chief Denney talk here in Las Vegas and was pitching a 2 day workshop on foreclosures, specifically REO's, more specifically purchasing REO's in bulk and selling them to us for 70 cents on the dollar. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this guy??? Thanks for the feedback/comments.


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John Krajewski

Real Estate Investor from Lakewood, CO

May 29 '08, 01:11 AM

Had a poor experience with him-
just my experience, but do not feel
it was a good experience. :violin:

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Lance Bellamy

Real Estate Investor from Idaho

Jun 10 '08, 11:21 AM

I attendant his webinar that he was selling the 2 day workshop. but I didnt go to his boot camp in vegas. He's were in s.d. Ca speaking at rei club he seem really knowledgeable and has good credibility with everyone in San Diego.

By the way what bad experience did you have with him? was it with the semiar in vegas or just in general ?

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Steve H.

Contractor from Manassas, Virginia

Oct 15 '13, 04:33 AM

Hi, my father attended one of his seminars. At the seminar they wanted $3000.00, normally $6000.00, for access to a property locating system and all the support you needed in identifying late payment, distressed, pre foreclosure,REO etc properties. I was handed his "Flip & Build Wealth System" DVD b my father and plan to wathc it. I'm always skeptical of these type's of pitches. Lord know how many pyramid systems I've heard over the years. Anyways, If I'm interested after viewing the DVD I plan on having a teleconference with his regional representative out here in Virginia. I'll post back here my opinion following my due diligence. In the meantime if anyone has additional info or advice please share!:)

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Steve H., Nucon, Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Steve H.

Contractor from Manassas, Virginia

Oct 24 '13, 06:56 PM

I had a phone conversation with their regional rep. After getting through their screening rep they made it a point to stress they were the ones considering me for this opportunity. After a 45minute wait the screening rep had their regional rep call us back . They want 12000 to gain access to their system and 3 weeks of phone support and lifetime email support. Claim that we can make 16%+ per transaction and verbally guarantee that type of return. Access to hard money, tax lien sales, reo etc. but the main point they kept driving home, beside they were the ones considering me, was that they want the "testimony" . Basically they never said it but they stress that if I can't give them a good referral then they would give me more phone support until I achieve the results they guaranteed.

Make your own opinions from here folks.

Steve H., Nucon, Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Ann Bellamy Verified

Real Estate Lender from Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Oct 25 '13, 04:49 AM
1 vote

Yeah, I'll consider allowing you to give me $12,000 too. To qualify, you have to have $12,000 available credit on your credit card and agree to tell everyone how wonderful I am. In return, I'll give you access to my system.

My system, by the way, which I'll give you for free right now, is: working hard to learn about all facets of real estate and lending, reading, reading, reading, building my credibility, networking with borrowers, networking with sources of capital, building my own capital, marketing, marketing, marketing, and more marketing. Also scrupulous attention to detail and customer service. making mistakes, making more mistakes, and learning as I go. Doing deals and talking to attorneys and more attorneys. Looking at endless comparable sales and non-deals. Checking each property. Following through and making sure I deliver what I say I will. Taking the hit if I made the mistake. You can substitute "for Deals" and "Buyers" for "Capital" and "with Borrowers".

I've been developing my "System" since 1997. Please send me $6,000 which is a bargain because I just saved you the other $6,000. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I wish you success.

Medium_small_logoAnn Bellamy, Buy Now, LLC
Telephone: 800-418-0081
Hard money lending in NH and MA, and for free networking in MA,

David Krulac

Real Estate Investor from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Oct 25 '13, 05:36 AM
1 vote

@Ann Bellamy is right on!

The guru mentioned in the op, I've seen maybe twice on tv.

In general, I've never seen any guru material that was worth $12,000, and I've seen in person many gurus including William Nickerson, Al Lowry, and Robert Allen and dozens of others.

I think Ann's system might be worth $12,000, because my invisible system is surely worth $12,000.

Pat L.

Real Estate Investor from New York

Oct 25 '13, 05:50 AM

sadly many are gullible, gladly giving misconstrued "testimony" & inflated fees to those well versed in selling fantasies.

Real Estate Investment is one of the most fascinating games in the world. But it is not for the stupid, intellectually lazy, the get-rich-quick groupie or those with poor emotional balance. These people will continue to live their lives consumed by self inflicted debt & die poor.

my .02 cents

Justin Baker

Real Estate Investor from Tacoma, Washington

Apr 15, 10:37 PM

Don't do it! We decided to move forward with the program and it is absolutely NOT what they described it to be. The information at the "advanced" training was almost less informative than the 3 day event we attended to purchase the advanced training. They absolutely did not follow through with what they laid out, and we are the process of trying to recoup our money for a bait and switch. They told us at the 3 day that you will have access to Chief's teams (realtors, contractors, HM lenders, etc.) and that you will be able to purchase a property and operate within his system to make back the money that the program the advanced training they never even mentioned this, and almost all the information taught was opposite what was laid out at the previous event. NO GO.

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