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Forums » Real Estate Guru, Book & Course Reviews and Discussions » Realeflow open Road 3x Versus Freedomsoft vs Sims 2.0?

Realeflow open Road 3x Versus Freedomsoft vs Sims 2.0?

15 posts by 10 users


Wholesaler · Worcester, Massachusetts

I am in need of a great CRM that can do much more for the investor other than managing contacts...I am looking at both of these programs. Freedom just came out with a new version 3 and Reale Flow is coming out with a 4 shortly...Can anyone provide feed back on either of these current versions? Thanks for any help you can offer....

SFR Investor · Wheat Ridge, Colorado

existing thread

There are also a number of threads on the more general CRM topic. Here's a recent one. But try the search function and you'll find some more.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Wholesaler · Memphis, Tennessee

Do not purchase anything that has the name Greg Clement on it. Sims is a joke and not worth the money as there is no value. Please stay away. We purchased it and it never worked like it was supposed to.

Small_buymemphisnow_stacksCurt Davis, Buy Memphis Now
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 901-207-8977
KAIZEN Realty 901-221-4041

Wholesaler · Valley City, Ohio

I have used open road, and I believe the others are just private labels of it. I actually canceled it because it did not do enough for me. I use infusionsoft, and it is freakin awesome!! I just tried open road because it was cheaper and easier, but it is not what I needed in the end.
If you would like to try infusionsoft, I can call my rep and probably get you a trial.
I have had it for about 3 years and I can spend a few minutes on the phone with you telling you how I have it set up.

Wholesaler · Altus, Oklahoma

Open Road sucked. I tried it and did not like it at all. It was a mess trying to figure out how to operate the damn thing.

As far as F$ I have no clue how that is. When it first came into market there were a lot of bugs and their customer service was piss poor not to mentioned they wanted $1000-$2000 plus $97 a month up front and thought that was a rip off.

But now they charge $97 a month and from what I heard they worked out the kinks but still buyer beware.

· Coconut Creek, Florida

Is Freedom Soft still accepting members because now there is a "Sorry we're closed" sign on their homepage?

Wholesaler · Worcester, Massachusetts

Hi Brittney, Do your self a favor and stay away from Freedom Soft, it is not even close to doing what it advertises...

Wholesaler · Bradenton, Florida

We do 5-10 wholesale deals per month and don't use anything other than excel. Honestly, it's not worth the cost if you are in the least bit organized yourself.

I've never seen realeflow but I've watched the videos of the guy who does freedomsoft and it makes me embarrassed to call myself a wholesaler. I am pretty active in the market that he claims to be from and I've never met anyone who knows who he is, other than wannabes who have purchased his products but yet have never done a deal...

Small_optimized_final_files_061113Braden C., Optimized Investing
E-Mail: [email protected]

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BiggerPockets Founder · Denver, Colorado

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Small_bp-squareJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 877-831-4704
Check us out on Twitter: @BiggerPockets

Real Estate Investor · North Richland Hills, Texas

@Rob Gillespie I thought years ago InfusionSoft was just for e-mail marketing, like Aweber etc., but I see they offer quite a bit more now. Are you using it for landing pages for wholesale leads etc and managing those leads?
I was going to look at Freedomsoft for our company, as I've heard they have really worked out the kinks, but I'm still getting mixed reviews from BP etc.

Wholesaler · Valley City, Ohio

Originally posted by John Jackson:
Rob Gillespie I thought years ago InfusionSoft was just for e-mail marketing, like Aweber etc., but I see they offer quite a bit more now. Are you using it for landing pages for wholesale leads etc and managing those leads?
I was going to look at Freedomsoft for our company, as I've heard they have really worked out the kinks, but I'm still getting mixed reviews from BP etc.

Infusionsoft really does about everything under the sun, but it is not easy to use. I have a full time tech guy in my office that runs it. I use it for squeeze pages, follow ups, organizing buyers, sellers, investors and partners, etc.... however, it took a lot of lay out to get that done. If I did not have a tech guy and wanted an easy solution, I would just use realeflow.
But hey, a Maserati with an F1 transmission is more temperamental and tougher to use than a Ford, LOL! The Ford is Cheaper and easier to operate, but it is still not a Maserati.

Real Estate Investor · North Richland Hills, Texas

I would need unlimited users, but realeflow is $999 a month for that..yikes!
I don't see that InfusionSoft offers unlimited users.

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Real Estate Investor · North Richland Hills, Texas

I'll check that out!

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