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  Meet The Investor

There is nothing better than learning from other people's experiences. With our Meet the Investor interviews, we hope to provide some insight into the mind of an active real estate investor.

If you're interested in being interviewed for our series, there are benefits that go along with it. Just take a look at this great testimonial.

Want to join the rest of these great investors? Let us know.


Will Barnard
Specialty: Assorted
Number of Deals: 100+
Location:California, Texas, etc.

Rich Weese
Specialty: Assorted
Number of Deals: Hundreds
Location:California, Colorado, South Dakota, etc.

Christian Malesic
Specialty: Buy and Hold Investing
Number of Deals: 21
Location: Central Pennsylvania. Primarily Greater Harrisburg

Tom Cmunt
Specialty: Rehab and Rental properties
Number of Deals: 3
Location: North East Ohio

Connie Brzowski
Specialty: Rehab and Rental properties
Number of Deals: 3
Location: East Texas

Jim Watkins
Specialty: Pre-Foreclosure rehab properties
Number of Deals: About 50
Location: Dallas/Ft.Worth Metro

Michael Rossi
Specialty: Income properties with considerable equity and cash-flow (SFRs)
Number of Deals: Several dozen
Location: Ohio

Scott Ficek
Specialty: Landlord (multi-plexes)
Number of Deals: 30+
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Richard Warren
Specialty: Rehabbing
Number of Deals: 12
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Ryan Waggoner
Specialty: Various
Number of Deals: 2
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chris Clement
Specialty: Middle class rental homes
Number of Deals: Around 30
Location: Texas

Eric Medemar
Specialty: Flipping and Wholesaling
Number of Deals: Over 40
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ryan Webber
Specialty: Wholesaling
Number of Deals: Over 130
Location: Amarillo, Texas

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