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Jerry Puckett

Virtual Assistant
Fort Worth, Texas

This user has posted 976 times and started 11 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
The Truth about Wholesaling!
Started by Will Barnard
520 Tiny 1409259232 avatar jjkhawaiian Last post by John Hamilton
about 16 hours ago
Marketing is Expensive!
Started by Joshua Durrin
21 Tiny 1405892078 avatar mbtaylor Last post by Matthew Taylor
about 18 hours ago
First Direct Mail Campaign - Keep Me Accountable!
Started by Andrew Herrig
100 Tiny 1435028986 avatar adriennwi Last post by Adrien Chabot
1 day ago
My Direct Mail Campaign Results Have Been Atrocious...HELP Please!
Started by Brandon Foken
173 Tiny 1440527841 avatar markn9 Last post by Mark Nelson
1 day ago
2015 BP Summit
Started by Thomas G.
28 Tiny 1432162449 avatar yasmineyovana Last post by Yasmine Bisumber
4 days ago
StrongBrook? Anyone heard of them...
Started by Chris Clothier
49 Tiny 1399762547 avatar brasring2003 Last post by Jenifer Smith
7 days ago
Using Google Voice
Started by Robert Wagner
9 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
11 days ago
Can I be from two cities?
Started by Ryan D.
2 Tiny 1429975595 avatar mindyjensen Last post by Mindy Jensen
12 days ago
Is there a tool for remote showing a property?
Started by Avi Pasheeva
11 Tiny 1436479533 avatar omarj1 Last post by Omar J.
12 days ago
Poll how much money has BiggerPockets made for you?
Started by Cal C.
154 Tiny 1399520974 avatar jthomasmartin1 Last post by J. M.
13 days ago
So you think you're a wholesaler?
Started by Mark Gallagher
36 Tiny 1436893145 avatar robert1788 Last post by Robert R.
14 days ago
Yellow Letters and the Sheriff's Department
Started by Scott Dixon
15 Tiny 1399601275 avatar dixonsa Last post by Scott Dixon
15 days ago
Started by Doug R.
9 Tiny 1421251328 avatar miab Last post by Mia Brewington
16 days ago
Inheritance List vs Absentee Owners List
Started by David Battle
25 Tiny 1438888026 avatar sjinvestors2 Last post by Jimmy Cantave
17 days ago
1000 postcards 7 calls
Started by Jonathan Guerrero
19 Tiny 1399595692 avatar joshj1990 Last post by Josh Justiniano
19 days ago

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