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John Fedro has been investing in manufactured housing since 2002. John now spends his time continuing to build his cash-flow business in multiple states while helping others enjoy the same freedom he has achieved. Find John here.

Mobile Homes
1 What Mobile Home Investors Should Know About the Buying & Selling Process in the State of Texas

The great state of Texas is known for doing things a bit different than the rest of the country. In similar fashion, transferring a mobile home from buyer to seller is handled very differently in Texas than in any other state. If the mobile home sellers have clear ownership then be prepared for a streamlined and typically easy process moving forward while closing.

Mobile Homes
1 4 Common Mobile Home Title Issues (& How to Best Fix Them!)

Common title problems arise due to a title being lost, the actual owner on title not being present, the title is missing and the current seller has not yet put the title into their name from when they bought the home, and multiple other situations due to common human faults such as laziness, ignorance, and frugalness.

Business Management
8 9 Tips for Working More Productively in Real Estate While Holding Down a 9-5

Most newer investors have traditional jobs, family life, and/or an education to pursue. However even with all these prior commitments, many motivated investors are wishing to pile more responsibility and work onto their shoulders. If this describes you, keep up the great daily hustle and effort. The bullets below are some items to consider when investing in real estate with a full-time job, or multiple time-consuming obligations weekly.

Real Estate Investing Basics
3 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Becoming a Real Estate Investor

Let’s face facts; many things have to be done between where you are currently in your real estate business and the future version of yourself that is well known by the community and creating substantial value in multiple real estate deals simultaneously. Becoming a successful real estate investor does not come without much time, energy, education, and daily action. Five serious questions to ask yourself before getting started in real estate investing

Landlording and Rental Properties
3 How to Know When to Evict, Press Charges, Or Swallow Your Pride

Whether you are investing in mobile homes or mansions people are people. Your renters and buyers almost always do what’s in their best interest. A renter’s credit history, rental history, criminal history, and work history may likely predict this renters future. While this article is not about how to prescreen and work with potential renters, tenants, or buyers; we will be discussing your options if and when anyone ever defaults in making you payments.

Mobile Homes
3 4 Crucial Things to Consider BEFORE Accepting a Free Mobile Home

Almost all the mobile homes I have purchased that were FREE or for $1.00 were negotiated down from a much higher original asking price. If a seller is willing to give away their home for free then it is likely because nobody else is willing to step into their shoes and take on the responsibility of owning this headache mobile home. Either way there are a number of things to consider before jumping into any free mobile home opportunity.

Mobile Homes
3 4 Ways Mobile Home Sellers Mislead Buyers (& What to Do About It)

Over the years I’ve been fooled many times. Some of these errors have been costly, and every single one has been valuable as a well-learned lesson. Sometimes even goodhearted mobile home sellers can do things that may seem frustrating or downright malicious. Below is a short list of 4 ways mobile home sellers will/may occasionally mislead you while you are trying to purchase their unwanted mobile home property.

Mobile Homes
7 4 Unexpected Things I’ve Learned From Buying My First Mobile Home Park

In the past month I popped my commercial real estate investing cherry. I am now the proud co-owner of 100+ lot mobile home community. The journey to this point of my career has been a fun, profitable, and challenging one for sure. Some things I have planned for and other surprises have completely caught me by surprise. Below is a list of 4 positive unexpected things recently learned while owning my first mobile home park.

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