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Mikk Sachar
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York, PA

I am a physical therapist, but have always had a fascination with real estate. I love looking at houses. I just recently decided to start researching the possibility of making money from real estate investing in some form or another.


none other than having bought 3 houses and selling 2 of them over the years. One was for a huge loss and the other was a break even. That was not for investing purposes. Also rented a house out for a while, but it was across the country and so didn't work so well.

Real Estate Goals

I am not sure yet if I want to start by wholesaling as it does not require equity. But I think I would also like to rehab houses as I love to turn something undesirable into nice and livable. I don't know yet if I will flip or rent, or both. I have to do more research first. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Currently Seeking

Private money in order to make a bid on a HUD house that was foreclosed on. It is listed at 65% of lowest ARV and needs anywhere from 15-20k in rehab. I would bid at 74,500. I currently have my first house on the market that I bough in Sept, rehabbed, and now waiting to sell. When that sells, I will have money for the next house. But this HUD house is in my niche. I would want 85k in lended money. Anyone out there lend to York, PA area with decent terms?




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