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I'm looking for a hard money lender in Jacksonville, FL to assisting with funding the purchase of SFR and small multi family BRRRR projects. I have a realtor, PM and contractor....just need to find a funding partner.

If interested, please reach out via BP so we can start a disucssion.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Armstrong

HI Brian - 

I have used Lima One for a few of my loans.  I can send you the contact info if you would like.


Why not try using a business entity or partner with us by using our company as conduit to apply for business lines of Credit up to $300,000. Call Alex Hamilton At (225)238-3923 for more details.


Please click the Link above, and apply on-line now to me matched with a partner. Partners Need only a 700 or more credit score to benefit as co-owner of income producing acquisitions. We do Rehabs and Flips of properties, splitting profits 50/50. Remember we are doing the work and helping to Tote the Note on investments in "special Need" housing we manage. Also, we welcome Co-Singers and Business Start-Ups decide to it go alone.


@Brian Armstrong We are a direct short-term private lender to real estate investors in 30+ states. We lend on single family & multi-family properties. Min. loan is $50K, no max loan amount. We are perfect to use as leverage for buying and improving (whether the exit plan is to flip or hold and refi). We lend to newbies, experienced and seasoned investors.  Message me for more info.

@Lesley Resnick Wanted to share that we lend on the purchase & improvements of single family & multi-family in 30+ states in case you, or your clients need funding for leverage. No max loan amount. Message me for details.

We lend to an entity (LLC, corporation, etc.) Members of the LLC or shareholders of the corporation become the guarantors. In this respect, nothing should appear on a personal credit report as long as it doesn't go into default.

@Brian Armstrong , Once you are finished with rehab, you can do a cash out refi 5/1 ARM loan amount starts @ $100,000 for 5.75%, or refi to a 30 year for 6.25%. These are for landlords & non-owner occupied, no income or bank statements needed, just a good FICO and a DSCR of > 1.0. Please let me know if this is of interest.

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