Hello guys, how are you?

I need your help, we recently got our first job in the rental community. This condominium has 200 to 250 apartments for rent. We are painting and cleaning each new resident.

The question is, as it is our first job for this type of service, we are afraid about the values. I would like to know if these values ​​are in agreement with yours.

We're in Florida.

The values ​​offered by this condominium are these:

For Painting:

1x1 = $ 200

2x2 = $ 220

3x2 = $ 240

For cleaning:

1x1 = $ 80

2x2 = $ 100

3x2 = $ 120

The apartments have 800 to 1,300 Sq. Ft.

Thank you very much for your attention.