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Many investors want to invest across multiple cities. But there can be major challenges as you invest in different areas. Brandie Fortney will be our expert speaker in October. She has managed over 600 different properties across different states, 8 different cities, 200 different owners, and countless different municipalities. Currently, she resides in Exton -- so is local to the area. She's going to provide the roadmap for how to properly invest in different areas.

Topics covered:
-- What to know from local codes departments
-- Which local codes departments are better, which ones are worse?
-- Local eviction rules to understand
-- Local taxes and how it impacts your investment
-- What to look for in a local property management company
-- How to keep track of your properties in a different city
-- Tenant friendly cities vs Owner friendly cities.... and how it impacts your investment.

And much more! We'll also have an open Q&A for open dialogue, and take comments from the growing group of investors in the audience.

This will be an AWESOME meetup.

As always, if you have a deal, feel free to bring it! This is a group looking to buy!

Chester County Real Estate Meetup is a chance to meet local real estate investors in the area. We have top notch guest speakers from the area across a wide range of topics within real estate.

The meetup is FREE --- please just come with a good attitude to meet great people!