Savvy landlords are known to keep a reserve amount for unforeseen emergencies - a new hot water heater alone can run between $800 - $1,200! One way investors have saved money on these surprise expenditures is through home warranties.

Susan Beebe has been with 2-10 Home Warranty for 18+ years and was in commercial real estate for many years before that. She is well known and respected throughout the state and comes to us with recommendations from our most seasoned investors. She will tell us about:

  • Why you need a Home Warranty
  • What a Home Warranty covers
  • Does a Home Warranty cover the renovation
  • What happens if you have a claim

A Bonus: 2-10 Home Warranty started out as a Builders 10-year structural warranty. If you are one of those landlords who builds new, this company can cover your project during construction and then convert to an owner/investor policy at completion.

Join Susan and your fellow landlords for this terrific program guaranteed to save you money. Network with other investors and have a great lunch at Grubs. See ya Tuesday!

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479 601-3472 [email protected]