@Jason Moss gave an awesome presentation on creative financing at the meetup in September.  Great Job @Jason Moss. 

This month we are going to have a special guest speaker from the BiggerPockets Podcast 188, @David Gudmundsen .  He will be sharing about his 20 years in real estate and weathering different market cycles and what he is doing right now in real estate.  You will definitely want to be here to listen to David.  Speaking of listing to David, here is a link to his BiggerPockets podcast episode:https://www.biggerpockets.com/...

Come and network and enjoy furthering your knowledge about real estate investing. We usually have between 20 and 40 investors attend so it is really a great place to network.

This meet up will start at 7:00 PM And will go and until 9:30 PM but some people stay until 10ish to network afterwards. The meetup is held at the same location in Mesa, Arizona.  Please note that this meetup is going to start 30 minute earlier than usual so don't be late.