Tax Deeds in Alabama

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If one buys a tax deed (sold over 3 years back on Alabama dept of revenue website), does it wipe out other liens such as HOA fees, fire dues etc.. Normally a tax foreclosure would wipe out other liens?

Is there a website in Alabama where I could do a title search or deed search myself to check on any potential liens on a property i wish to buy a tax deed on?

As far as I know, you have to go to the courthouse and check. No online store. But, I pay $10/month to have remote computer access to the courthouse records here in Montgomery. In Montgomery County, the other liens are not wiped out. There are usually city weed liens and sometimes it can take months for the inspector to deliver them to the courthouse and get them attached to the property. Same thing with HOA. You would have to contact the HOA to get those numbers. They may not be properly and timely recorded.

@Srini K. , weed liens and other local government liens are not wiped out. The tax sale takes precedence over HOA liens, but you will have to pay the HOA dues after you have a tax deed. If the taxpayer redeems, they will have to reimburse you for HOA dues plus 12% per year interest.

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