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Alabama MLS Question
How many days does an expired SFH listing need to be off the Alabama MLS before it can be relisted as a "New Listing?" I'm hearing 30 days, but can anyone confirm this? Preferably with a link from an official source?... View more
Montgomery, AL Connections
Hello,My husband and I are looking for recommendations of reputable contractors and property managers in the Montgomery, AL area. For property managers, we are looking for a company experienced with multi-family... View more
Alabama LLC Address for OOS Investing
Hi all! We are trying to register for an Alabama LLC and they are requiring a physical address. We've typically been able to use a virtual business address in other states, but it appears Alabama is not allowing this.... View more
Birmingham, AL newbie
Found some homes in Lincoln, AL. After running the numbers I believe to have found a good deal on a few. Does anyone know anything about the housing market in Lincoln, AL for finding renters?
Feeling Out the Fort Rucker, AL Market
Hello All,I have a family member moving out to Fort Rucker soon, and they don't have a desire to purchase a house there. My thought was if the market is good, I could purchase a SFH or townhouse to rent out to them and... View more
Gadsden AL REO - Looking for connections
Hey ladies and gents,I'm looking for some contractors and potential property manager there. I had a note that turned into an REO and want to keep it as a rental or potentially a flip. Anyone nearby that would like to... View more
Insight on College Hills and North East Lake in Birmingham, AL
Hello all!We are looking at a purchasing a couple of properties in the College Hills and North East Lake neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama and want to inquire with those in the community with experience in... View more
New construction in Ocala. Fl
My husband and I are thinking about buying a new construction in Ocala. We have a few questions as we are not from the area: 1. Are Marion Oaks and Silver Springs good areas to invest? 2. What are the pros and cons of... View more
Dothan & Enterprise Recommendations
Hello All, Looking for recommendations for property managers, contractors, and a great realtor. How is the rental market in Dothan? What areas to avoid? BTW, how is Dothan pronounced .... with a long or short "O"? Any... View more
Probate Judge Asking for "Deed Tax"
In seeking to record a Perry County tax certificate, the Probate Judge there has told me I must pay a "deed tax" in addition to property taxes. I have never heard of a "deed tax," nor has any other county in which I... View more
How to buy over the counter tax deeds
I went to Birmingham courthouse and I asked them if I could buy over the counter tax deeds that were not sold and they told me that I should buy them from the state, they gave me no instructions. My question is how do... View more
Wait Time on Request From State
I requested quotes on several tax properties over a week ago with the State of Alabama. I haven't received an email or correspondence yet. What is the typical turn around time? Thanks for any information!
Best market in Alabama
Not soliciting or promoting any business, sales, or individual.  This video is factual and informative.  Enjoy.
Looking to purchase in the Birmingham Metro Market
Hey All,This week I accepted a job with a company in Alabaster. This was long over due as I had to put my search for my next house hack on hold back in May because I was uncertain if I wanted to remain in the... View more
Birmingham AL & Surrounding Areas
Hi! New to BP world but feel it's more "legit" than information obtained through local fb groups - they seem to have an overload of scammers.Looking for insight on all things REI for areas around Birmingham,... View more
Alabama Tax Sales 2020 Changes
Alabama tax sales law has changed dramatically.  SB257, which was signed into law, changes interest rates to 8%.  It might or might not be retroactive, depending on who you ask.  Procedures for improvement payments... View more
Sheriff's Sale vs. Foreclosure Sale
I am familiar with the intricacies of foreclosure sales, redemption, etc and have bought two properties from foreclosure sales.  There is a property that interests me that is being sold through a sheriff's sale, it... View more
Alabama and Tax Deeds
I purchased a tax deed from that state. From my understanding of the deed, the land is now my property. I had it recorded and assessed. now on the county website, it shows changed owner and list me as the new owner for... View more
Need advise oh what we can do to get rid of crazy women squatter
We need to know what we have to do to gwg her out, she acts like it is her house, she wants my fiance. She drives his vehicles, she sold his 2 dogs, she threatened to have me killed if I try to come to the house. He... View more
Real Estate CPA Needed Birmingham Alabama
Anyone use a CPA in, or with knowledge of, Alabama tax code who specializes in real estate agents and investors in Birmingham, Alabama? Thanks in advance.
New Member in Birmingham Area
I joined BiggerPockets several years ago, but never got around to filling out my profile or making any posts. I'm looking to seriously get started in real estate investment, and figured this would be a good place to... View more

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