Where to not invest in GA/ Atlanta?

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Here is a newbie question, I am trying to find the first deal I am looking all these different areas around Atlanat, I am not able to decide if the neighborhood/Area is a good or not safe area? I am in forsyth for last 10 year and not sure abut other areas, I am comfortable with Cobb county but not anywhere.  Is there a list of areas not safe that i should avoid?

Hey Arun,

I would check out the crime map on Trulia (https://www.trulia.com/GA/Atlanta/#map-crime). If you get a property under contract, I'm a proponent of walking the immediate area at different times of the day and talking with as many neighbors as you can. 

I think it just depends on your tolerance level and the terms of the deal. Any area in Atlanta(especially inner city areas like the West End, Bankhead, Cascade) would be a good investment with favorable terms and the correct strategy.