Before i start this discussion, just let say that Louisiana will always bounce back and rebuild bigger and better than ever! I am newly implanted into the world of real-estate investing, not real estate, i was a realtor working within the baton rouge community for a couple of years, we have been hit hard in the recent years with natural cataclysmic forces that have changed the landscape of the red-stick community we call home, aka Louisiana. I am working with a couple of local realtors and they feed me leads, one in particular caught my eye! (16) 4-plex *********great rental for student or investor in Baker.....renting $700/month tenant pays all utilities, HOA fees include prop. mangmnt, maint, grounds. etc $500, so with this is was all excited but i still needed to due the #'s as i have become accustomed to saying, "know your #'s!" although this wasn't in my target area, taxe are less than br i still accounted for the property accordingly, this could be give me enough cap rate plus monthly cash-flow, etc. but in this business always due your "due-diligence", i will blog some of the pictures i took of this project before and after the recent flooding in the near future, let's just say a pix or pictures can speak a thousand words, no words can explain it better than will be 6-8 mos before this project can go forth, and you bets to believe that i will be checking back around feb 17, if you are investor let me know what kinds of experiences you may have had and what's your due diligence piece or peace! C.R.E.E.D.