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ADVICE NEEDED: Adjuticated Properties & USNTI Insurance
Hey all! I am a developer in New Orleans. I'm trying to get some real world examples from people who have purchased adjuticated properties through a Civic Source auction (or anyone who has invested in tax certificate... View more
STR Neighborhood Response Plan
Recently purchased a property to do STRs with in New Orleans proper. Working on the license needed by the city and one of the required docs for the OSTR (Short Term Rental Operator's Permit) is a "Neighborhood Response... View more
Need help finding a real estate CPA around Lafayette LA area
I am new to investing. I have been looking for  a rei CPA locally, who are experienced and good at advising on how to invest to get the best tax benefits. Any recommendations?  Thanks a bunch!!!😊😊
Louisiana Deal Funding BRRR Strategy
Hello, New investor here and new to BP. I am in search of a local (Louisiana) hard money lender for my fix and flip project. Between my own personal funds and personal lines of credit, I have 60k to bring to the... View more
Looking for Business/Real Estate Attorney in Baton Rouge LA
Hello all. I'm looking for recommendations for business/real estate attorneys in the Baton Rouge LA area. I'm looking for help with setting up a partnership LLC for me and my partner and getting the operating... View more
Donaldsonville area thoughts??
Just wondering if anybody is familiar with the rental market in the Donaldsonville / Ascension Parish area?I'm not from the area and wanted to hear what people closer who know about it. I have a off-market 2-Bed... View more
Tickfaw, LA. Multi-family property zoning general question.
I happened upon a listing that is a multi-family property; however, the property has two buildings that can be considered homes of their own. My question is would the commercial zoning the properties currently have get... View more
New Investor: Lender Recommendations in Baton Rouge
Hi,I'm looking to purchase my first rental property in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Does anyone have a recommendation for a local real estate investing-friendly lender in the Baton Rouge area? Thanks. 
Looking to acquire an abandoned house owned by a holding company
Good afternoon everyone,  I am new to the real estate game. I am so happy that I discovered the bigger pockets community. I have found a lot of useful information that has helped me to better understand the real estate... View more
What is real estate like in the Fort Polk, Louisiana region?
Hey everyone, I'm in the Army in Korea. Going to PCS to Fort Polk soon. I'm interested in using my VA loan to house hack in the region. I haven't gotten in contact with any local realtors yet but from what I can see,... View more
Louisiana Eviction Moratorium
I'm googling but not having much luck.  I read that the federal moratorium on evictions was set to expire on July 25th.  Did it actually expire and did the one that Edwards had in Louisiana expire?
Fort Polk/Alexandria/Lake Charles LA
Hey BP Community,I’m wondering if anyone here is in the Fort Polk/Alexandria/Lake Charles Area. I’m looking to find someone else with the same interests as I or is this just an untouched market?? 
Plumbers in the Baton Rouge/Denham Springs area
I'm looking for a plumber in the Baton Rouge area, around Denham Springs if possible. Anyone have a recommendation(s) on plumbers they've had good experiences with?
How would you make this deal work?
Hey BP,Recently I came across a great deal on a condo in Baton Rouge. A friend of mine that I graduated high school with is selling a condo that his family has held since 2006. It rents between 950-1100/mo and has only... View more
Baton Rouge Home Inspectors
I'm looking for recommendations on a good property inspector to do pre-listing and/or due diligence home inspections. Does anyone have someone they have had a good experience with?
Any North Louisiana Investors
Hello everyone. I am currently living in in the pacific northwest, but originally from Downslville, LA. I am a newbie, but put putting a lot of effort and action into learning who to wholesale in the local area in... View more
College grad moving to New Orleans/Metairie area
Hello BP! I have finally made my way to posting on here. I finish up my last semester in December and will be moving to the New Orleans/Metairie area. I am looking for a small multi family that I can house hack. Where... View more
How to approach other investors
Good afternoon, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to approach other investors in my area? I am really wanting to get into real estate, but my main issue is experience. I am on BP everyday listening to... View more
Looking for an agent referral in New Orleans Louisiana
I'm looking to send a referral to an agent in the New Orleans, Louisiana Market. Buyer is probably looking for a duplex to house hack. He's coming to town this weekend. Do y'all know a good agent there?
Newbie from Southeast Louisiana
Hello BP,My name is Travis and I'm located in Southeast Louisiana. I've been lurking BP and REI for a while now and I've decided it's time to take action. I've always been drawn to wholesaling and would like to start... View more
Lake Charles Meet and Greet
Hello real estate family. My name is Emmanuel Baker and I have been in real estate for 8 months now and I have one duplex in the Shreveport,LA market. However, I live in Lake Charles, LA  I wanted to know if there are... View more
Learning to network with other investors
 I was wondering if anyone has tips on networking with local investors. I am looking to step out of my comfort zone, and meet new people. Real estate seems to rely a lot on networking, and that has always been one of... View more
New Orleans Adjudicated Property Auction Questions
Hey everyone, I am a real estate agent in New Orleans, but I am relatively new to the investing side of things, so I am hoping that someone can help me understand this particular topic a bit better...I am looking to... View more
Louisiana Attorney and CPA
I am just getting started in real estate investing and want to set everything up the right way. I plan to purchase my first single family rental property soon  Anybody have recommendations on a real estate attorney and... View more

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