Military family moving to South Coast

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Hello BP!

I'm active duty and it looks like we might get orders to the South Coast! I'm originally from the Cape and excited to be closer to home after AK, FL, and currently VA. We will have 2 kids under 2 and are hoping to house hack a 2-4 unit in a safe/family friendly area within 40 minutes of New Bedford. Right now we are focusing our research in New Bedford, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, and Mattapoisett. We have found some great investment opportunities but it's hard to find one we would want to call home.

Any advice on locations/opportunities would be greatly appreciated!

Also, any recommendations on investor friendly realtors, banks, property mgt, plumbers, ect.....send 'em over!  Long distance networking sucks!

Looking forward to ramping up our search.  Planning a trip this April to start looking.

Thanks for reading.


I'm born and raised in New Bedford.  I'm an investor and have no license but I would be glad to give you my opinion on any leads that do come your way. And if I come across something I think you would be interested I'll send it your way!

Thank you Russell! We are looking forward to getting back to Mass. but don’t know South Coast very well. Are you finding most deals off the MLS? New Bedford and Fall River have a huge inventory on MLS but other areas seem pretty slim. In your opinion, where is the best place to invest? Where is the best place to live? And, is there somewhere we can get the best of both worlds?

Hello. I was a Constructionman Apprentice in the Navy Seabees as part of the Navy Reserve and, later, a First Lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Massachusetts Army National Guard. I've been working with developers and investors for many years. I was recently looking in Fall River and New Bedford with one of my developers but he was getting too fancy on his taxes so it turned out I couldn't help him. I'd be glad to help you with your search. I'll send you a message. Thanks.

Hi All,

I just began to educate myself on Real Estate Investing the past few months by reading up and also listening to BP podcasts. I'm currently living on the west coast, but considering moving back to New England in the coming years and have been drawn to New Bedford. I recently set up a keyword alert and am happy to see that others have the same mindset! 

While I think I am still over a year from moving/purchasing anything, I'm curious what other people are looking at as potential opportunities as well as the hurtles in the redevelopment of New Bedford? Obviously the commuter rail extension project is a great prospect, but what else is factoring into your interests? Equally, crime and schools are concerns, is there anything else that should be considered?

Andrew, I am looking forward to following along on your process! Good luck!



There are a lot of properties for sale in New Bedford and Fall River I wouldn't necessarily call them deals though.  Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Somerset, Lakeville and Westport are all really nice in towns sourounding those cities.  I haven't done research on the schools for those town, but they are awesome communities.  I would say best of both worlds would be investing in one of the cities coupled with the right school in those cities. I know the right areas in both and it's a little too much info to type ... they are difficult to get a pulse on if your not familiar with them.  7749928971 give me a call sometime and we can discuss what u have to invest and some other things like what is your best case scenario and  what you bottom line for where you would want to live.

Welp, change of plans....Kodiak, AK here we come!  Thank you all for your assistance and insight.  If you happen to have any insight on investing on remote islands in AK, please let me know.

We are very excited for the adventure!

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