Cost Segregation Referral in Kansas City, MO

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I would reach out to @boomer 

@Boomer Philbrick . I haven’t actually hired his firm yet, but he has done some really impressive preliminary work.  When I can get it in front of my cpa for strategy review this quarter I intend to hire boomer and his company.

Happy to help out in any way Nate. I'd like to talk to you to get some preliminary information on your property and then I will get you a no-cost 8 page analysis to show you what your cash savings would be this year and going forward. After that, if there's a basis for us to continue the conversation, great. If not, at least you know that you've looked into every opportunity available to you. 

Every Fortune 5000 company has used cost segregation, but the laws are designed for everybody. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is very building owner friendly and there are big tax savings opportunities available. 

With the enhancements in technology as well as 17 years of sweat equity, we can usually create a pretty compelling ROI on buildings with a cost basis as low as $250k.

Look forward to connecting with you.

Thanks. I was hoping to work directly with the engineer to prepare the study. If you have an estimate of services for a 28 unit building built in 1928, purchased in 2018 for $835k and rennovations of $420k underway, I would appreciate it. Thanks 

Is land included in your $835k purchase price? Are you going to finish all of the renovations in 2018 or will some carry over into 2019? If some will be completed in 2019, how much of the $420k will you have paid in 2018? Let me know and I will have the analysis back from engineering within 48 hours.