city of Newburgh new York 2020

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every one my name is yitschok i'm new here at bigger pockets i wanna open this new page and discuss here today with all great people about the real estate market and future of the city of Newburgh new York 12550 , i begin my career in the real estate market a year ago when i bought a few multi family buildings in Newburgh and i fined this as a good deal for rentals with a monthly income,

but its not so easy at all they  are old buildings and require a lot of maintenance also the tenants are late with the rent payments ..  

anyway i wanna hear if there us some future in thus area? 

@Ray Danishyar hey whats up ? welcome to the club i opened that page co discuss the market in Newburgh new York ,well i fined success there the whole area is getting changed lately, more people moving in from other city's they seeing a great opportunity for Newburgh, just walk down the streets you will fined all over building permits hundreds of renovations happening..