Looking to purchase first home in Raleigh, NC area - Agent reccomendations

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Hi all,

I am planning on making my first home purchase (either a SFH or Multi-Unit) within the next 6 months. I plan on owner occupying this house for about a year, until I've saved enough to purchase another property and hopefully turn it into a rental unit.

Basically, I am interested in making my first real estate investment, and was hoping someone could recommend an investment-friendly agent that is familiar with guiding buyers in my particular situation/mindset. My budget is ~ 100K or less for a SFH, and ~ 160K or less for Multi-unit

Thanks in Advance!

We used Adam Linsday with ReMax and he was great. Helped get us a great deal on the house, and even worked repairs and everything into our contract. Would recommenced 100%.

Message me and i will give you his contact details. But here is his website link.


One thing i would say is DO NOT USE Steve Fuster for your home inspection!!!!!! (http://www.fusterinspections.com/)

If you're still looking for an agent, want to see a property on the MLS, make an offer, sell a property, or have any questions about anything in this area, please reach out to me and I'd be happy to help. We do a la carte services for investors with no long term agreements, no strings attached.

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