Phoenix Area Meetup for Women in Real Estate!

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Recently, I've seen some discussion of women who are interested in networking. I'd like to see if we can coordinate a meetup in the Phoenix area! (If you're in outlying areas or other parts of the state, maybe we can network through email/Facetime/etc.) 

Please let me know: 

(1) What part of town is best for you, and 

(2) what days or times are preferable.

I'll try to find a location and time that works for the most people. Tag other ladies who might be interested and let's get together to kick some ***!

@Pamela Sandberg

I would be interested. I live in north Phoenix. I would prefer weekday early evening timeframe.

Let me know !


Moderator Note: Discussing a potential meetup in the forums is fine, but any announcement of a meetup can only be made in the Events forum,

I would be interested. I can do weekday afternoons and early evenings. I'm in North Glendale. 

A woman's physical attractiveness has nothing to do with 'competence'.

It's a huge, huge factor in selling something to men. The weird, involuntary biochemical reaction men have to beautiful women compels them to seek out their attention. It's why bartenders, waitresses in higher end restaurants and successful female realtors are often pretty.

But, that's what I was originally expecting. My agent market is mainly female. I was originally looking for a "seasoned agent" that seemed like a good negotiator. On a feminism note: there are some studies that male attorneys get more $ for their negotiations than female attorneys. Some is attributed to gender bias, others is negotiating skill level for women in general. We really wanted a competent male.

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