ListSource Criteria for Small Multifamily (2-4 Units) in Chicago

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My partner and I are trying to pull a list from ListSource for small multifamily (2-4 unit) properties in Chicago. I've seen multiple people in the forums with the same issue that we are having, but I haven't seen a solution. I'm trying to figure out what the criteria is in ListSource that corresponds to the Cook County assessor classification code for an apartment building with 2-6 units, which is code 2-11. Does anyone know how to pull that list? I know that just filtering by "2-4 units" or "Property Type: Residential Duplex, Triplex, etc" will not provide accurate results. 

To be honest everyone uses list source. At this point it’s time to start using different lead generation methods because there are more and more people getting into real estate. I’m still experimenting some things myself for fix and flips and wholesale deals. Its a lot of junk out there so it’s hard to gage if your going get a high quality lead or junk. It’s a tough market everywhere no matter where you look.

Thanks for the feedback, but I’m really just looking for help on how to properly pull records from the database given our criteria, not necessarily for help on different methods of lead generation.

Look up member Sharad Mehta and his company RESimpli. He offers listsource and postcard, yellow letter services.  I just started today trying a mailing campaign using their recommend criteria or absentee owners.

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