Any former appraisers? Advice on how to best position 6-unit

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Thank you in advance! We're rehabbing a 6-unit in Bridgeport with a built-out attic space; Ahead of starting the refinance in January, I wanted to ensure the two 3rd fl apartments would receive the proper bump in income on the appraisal report for being duplexed-up apartments. 

The questions are mostly around how to configure access/locking doors. We wanted to stay in front of any technicalities that might make the appraiser NOT count the attic spaces as part of the 3rd fl apartments. (The building is a 3 story+attic with apartments in the front and rear of each floor).

Would appreciate any and all opinions - ideally someone with previous experience as an appraiser who could walk the building quickly - I'll be sure to pay it forward! But really anyone who might have any helpful info on this topic. Much appreciated and stay warm everyone!

Not an appraiser, however, have had a few appraisals done on multi units in the city.  This is general info based on our experiences, only.  Based on what you asked, if it is solely the 3rd floor unit space, why not remove the locking doors?  No question of whose space it is then.  Although maybe not understanding your set up or layout.  

If it is a recent purchase (can't really say for sure how long) that you have fixed up, the appraiser will look to see if there were permits, otherwise they will figure that the building is still worth what you purchased it for EVEN if you have new leases with higher rents.

If it is a recent purchase and there is any question on the legal number of units, have a copy of the Zoning Certificate of Occupancy (which will hopefully match the number of units).

Have copies for the appraiser of all the leases (ideally with new, higher rents for the increased amount of space).  Even thought the bank/finance company has them, this seems to provide more legitimacy.  You can redact any tenant info.

There are often appraisers, agents or other investors who chime in on the forums that suggest having your own comps.  Every time we've tried that, it has not worked, even though we are very realistic about what we select for timely comps. 

Good luck.  

@Rishi B. if you are looking to BRRR, you will want to check with your lender if you have owned it for less than a year. I am in the process of refinancing a six unit deal in Cicero, IL, and I have been unpleasantly surprised that lenders in this space will pretty much only lend 80% loan to cost, and they will not lend on the appraised value. I have checked with seven or eight lenders that I have relationships with and this is kind of the standard it seems.

As I always tell newbie clients... BRRR is not as easy as it sounds on a podcast!

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