Looking for a great inspector for a 4plex

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Hi Susan,

We have been happy with Eric Burns of Accurate Inspections on two different occasions.  He's thorough, knowledgeable and provides a complete report with photos.  


@Susan Foreman I recommend a FULL inspection.  A thorough inspector is going to go in and bring to your attention things you probably would not have found on your own.  You may be hesitant to really dig in all the nooks and hiding places yourself while someone is living there, but your hired inspector will not mind at all since he does it everyday.  His report can be used as leverage for further negotiation on price with your seller if the list is significant, and generally speaking, a fourplex will tend to have a decent list of small items needing repair.

I'll PM you contact info for Kelly Olivier of Olivier Home Inspections; he is one of the best I've come across.  Kelly is a 20 year experienced trim carpenter so he knows houses and construction.  He is also in my business networking and referral group so I get a lot of opportunities to refer him to many happy clients.

Be grateful!


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Singing off with Be Grateful sounds odd when I re-read this post! Ha!

Thank you, Brandon.  The sellers act as if it can not be inspected inside and we were wary of that.  We only viewed 1 unit because I felt we'd get an idea of the others based on the inspection.   

Personally, I'm not buying if I can't see what is going on inside prior to the sale.  You might step one foot in the door and immediately realize you are paying $40k too much based on the present condition.

@Robert Leonard @Brandon Johnson this is older post but still helpful that you posted those inspection referrals. I was able to get a hold of Kelly Oliver to schedule an inspection. Thanks for the assist!