Realtors and Property Managers in Detroit

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HI Bernicha, Mike DeFauw has helped me quite a lot as a realtor. I've bought and/ or sold 4 properties with him over the last few years. I think all were remote closings through limited PoA and having Mike sign for me. Property managers are harder. I've been through 3 in as many years. 

As for the right connections, for me, researching and meeting them was important. Getting to understand the work that they have done was an important aspect. For example, Mike D. has flipped houses himself and has a good network to tap into. Which neighborhoods are you buying in?

Metro Detroit is a tough market to work in from a distance as many people and companies are trying to capitalize the Detroit market for out of state investors.  Some are good and a lot are not.  Like @Mike Stephens stated even local investors go through several PMs and those that start good can start to fall short after a year or so.  In my recent selection process, I looked only at references from other investors that have multiple properties and multi years with PMs to selecte a couple to start with.  I had a couple of properties so I could split between different PMs to test but if it was a first investment, I might look at partnering with another investor to get real comfortable with the market(s) and built the relationships that way.