Investor Looking For SFH in Greene County mainly

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Im a resident of the local area (Xenia) looking to purchase some more properties in the region.  Mainly interested in Greene County (Xenia, Fairborn, Beavercreek), but open to other areas as long as they are East of 75.  

Right now I own 7 properties in the Xenia area and now have enough cash built up to go out and start purchasing more properties. So far I have stuck to SFH (typically 3 Bed/1 Bath), but am also interested in smaller multi family (duplex, triplex, quads).

Would love to hear any insights into good wholesalers in these areas or just any other ways people these days are finding properties. Most of our properties were purchased via foreclosure auctions, but these days its hard to find any that make sense through that route even.



Hey @Matthew Edge I think your best bet would be to locate a wholesaler and buy from them. Join local off market facebook groups. There are always deals being posted in there. Alos join mailing lists of good wholesalers in these groups. It might be a little effort to get on those lists but worth it.  

HI @Matthew Edge

Congratulations on building your portfolio to 7 homes and your success! I've found best way to meet wholesalers traditionally has been your local real estate investment clubs, you can feel out if they are an experienced wholesaler or not (talk to others who have done business with them). If your local REIA's aren't meeting in person yet than check online on sites such as Meetup which are doing both virtual and in person. I've attended a Cash Flow Board Game before and meet some great people that are in the game and found a few wholesalers that way. Checking online Facebook groups is another way that was mentioned in another comment. Also if you jump over to commercial asset class you might want to look for someone in your area who's already doing them and JV with them. Might be a good way to "get your feet wet". You can also meet this small multi-guys at the events. Another idea or suggestion is pull a list of those 3-6 units and start mailing them. Find a older guy looking to retire and exit the game who's a tired landlord and often times you can get a good deal (sometimes even owner financing). This target market is not always called on a lot and could get you a small portfolio of them "turn key" basically. Happy hunting, sorry so long.

Thanks for these tips.  I joined a couple of facebook groups and will try to see if I can get on some wholesale lists that way.  Also looking at trying out some direct marketing campaigns.  Already went Driving for dollars and am now trying to reach out to those owners.